14 best types of Olives

Olives and olive oil are widely consumed in Saudi Arabia but not many know that there are several types of olives. Here are some of the best types of olives available in the market.


The deep purple and shiny Olives from Greece popularly known as the Kalamata are the most famous type of olives. This Olive is rich in taste which is smoky and fruity. Most people like it raw as a seasoning on salads, some prefer baking or roasting them with meat and veggies.

Kalamata - best type of Olives.


The most famous olives in Italy are the Casteletranos. These are bright green and are widely used as a snack. They are known to have a sweet taste and a unique buttery texture. They belong to the variety of nocerella del belice. They have a mild taste and make a great snack.

Castelvetrano olives.


These olives drive their name from the place they are harvested. Cerignola is a place in the Puglia region of Italy. Cerignola olives are big in size and have a green color. They have a crisp and buttery taste. Due to their big size, they are usually stuffed with cheese, capers, and garlic!

Cerignola olives.


Hailing from France, Nyon has a deep black and subtle bitterness. They are first dried and then aged in brine. They are packed with rosemary and thyme to enrich with aromatic flavors. To enhance their taste, use them with Provençal olive oil.

Nyon olives.


These black-colored olives hail from France and have an assertive taste. They are used famously in the salade Niçoise and tapenade. However, they are good on their own as well as their taste is not overpowering.

Niçoise olives.


They have a great appealing color which is green and black.  Grown in Italy, they have a rich taste. They are harvested in northwest Italy in a region called Liguria. Bay leaves, rosemary, and thymes are used to improve the flavor of these small-sized olives.

Liguria olives.


Another beauty of Italy is Gaeta. It has a purplish-brown color and is soft, moist, and tender from the inside. They are usually dried-cured, but they taste great even when brine-cured. They make a great dressing, and serve them with pasta or even with capers.

Gaeta olives.


This olive which is shaped like a Torpedo hails from France and has a bright green color. They are crisp and crunchy with a tart and nut-like taste. They enhance the taste of any dish so eat them as you like!

Picholine olives.


Coming from Spain, they drive their name Gordal due to their size. In Spanish, Gordal is used to refer to fat. Gordal olives are big in size and rich in texture. These olives are grown in Andalucia in a dry climate.

Gordal olives.


This is a big-deep purple to black colored olive that undergoes brine cure. They have a sour bitterness. Alfonsos are juicy, have a fleshy texture, and make a great dressing. They belong to Chili.

Alfonso olives.


The US-based mission is the one most used for making olive oil. However, once they are brine-cured or dry-cured, they get a bright, mild, and grassy flavor making them suitable for use in dressing and food.

Mission olives.


Another type of olive hailing from Spain is Manzanilla. They have a bright green color and taste similar to smoked almonds. With the crispy texture they attain after being brine-cured, they are stuffed with pimientos.  You can also serve it with crusty bread!

Manzanilla olives.


Even though Morocco is known to produce several varieties of olive, only a few are exported and thus we get to taste a few only. Yet, if you can, grab your hands on Beldi. They have an intense flavor and are thus used in salads, tagines, and used in dishes to give them a great taste.

Beldi olives.


This Greece-origin black and green colored Amfissa’s a perfect treat for the taste buds. They are handpicked once they are ripe. Then they are brine-cured and ready to eat. They are best used in soups and stews, meats, and cheese!

Amfissa olives.

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