10 best Turkish restaurant in Riyadh

Who does not love Turkish Food? You can enjoy the taste of Turkey in one of the following best Turkish Restaurants in Riyadh.

Assaraya Turkish Restaurant

People call Assaraya the best family restaurant. With great ambiance and taste, Assaraya is the most popular and most affordable Turkish Restaurant in Riyadh. They have preserved the Turkish taste and even the presentation.

Assaraya - the best Turkish restaurant in Riyadh

قولو أغلو السعودية Güllüoğlu

Not only that Güllüoğlu serves authentic Turkish cuisine, but they also serve with great hospitality. Indeed, they serve the best Baklava and Hummus in Riyadh.

You cannot go disappointed from here, so it’s safe to keep high expectations from them. Thus, if you are looking for authentic Turkish taste, you need to go there!



A professional staff, high-quality Turkish food, preserving the original taste, and great décor and ambiance, this is what define TOPKAPI restaurant in Riyadh.

They even have traditional Turkish tea as a complimentary beverage. The quantity is the only thing people don’t like. In other Turkish restaurants, you would be delighted by the quantity, however here, the quantity served is a bit less. However, they are famous for their Beyti Kebaps.

TOPKAPI restaurant in Riyadh


Beyzade has good décor and staff. However, there have been incidents of serving poorly. Moreover, they have higher prices than others. Overall, they offer good taste and Turkish food. They are most famous for their Turkish desserts.

Beyzade Turkish Restaurant in Riyadh

Mikado House

Mikado serves with great hospitality. Their quantity is less, but that is understandable with the charges. They have low charges. They give an overall good service and food. Food like Beef Kufta has good taste, yet cannot say that they have preserved its original taste.

Mikado House in Riyadh


Serving high-quality food to its customers with original Turkish taste, Topkapi is one of the best restaurants in Riyadh. They serve with great hospitality.

The prices are reasonable, and the taste of salads and appetizers would take you to Turkey! They also have great food variety on their menu. Diversity allows for fulfilling the needs of all taste buds!

Manar Alkharj

Looking for the best Turkish-style grilled meat that is juicy enough to melt in the mouth, then Manar Al Kharj is the restaurant waiting for you.

They are most famous for their grilled meat that too in Turkish taste. Even though they are costly, the money is worth the taste. They offer a range of kebabs, ribs, and grills.

Manar Alkharj Restaurant

Emirgan Sutis

Great décor, ambiance, Turkish food, and service, Emirgan Sutis in Riyadh is the restaurant to go to. They have what you are looking for: a perfect treat for the taste buds.

The variety, menu, and food is all up to the point. Their freshly baked bread takes you back to bakeries in Istanbul!

Emirgan Sutis - one of the best Turkish Restaurants in Riyadh

Oriental Grill Restaurant

People believe that Oriental Grill is the most authentic Turkish Restaurant in Riyadh. It is managed by a Turkish family, thus taste authentication is on point.

The place is nice and clean, the menu and prices are great and the food is delicious. From bread to kebabs to grills, all taste great!

Farouj Al Carawan

Farouj Al Carawan is a restaurant that provides both indoor and outdoor sitting. A great place to come with family. Their taste is good. Especially the Kebabs, half grilled chicken and the Aish Al bolbol.

Farouj Al Carawan location.

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