Top 10 Best Shopping Malls in Riyadh

Riyadh offers a versatile, enjoyable, and great shopping experience. Here are the top ten shopping malls you should visit if you are in Riyadh to elevate your shopping experience!

Kingdom Centre

Without a doubt, the best shopping mall in Riyadh is Kingdom Centre. It is best not only for its enhanced architectural outlook, but also for hosting high-end brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Moreover, visit the Sky Bridge to have the best panoramic view of the city!

Kingdom Centre Riyadh

Riyadh Park Mall

Riyadh Park Mall is the largest shopping center in the city. It is one of the best go-to places for shopping, eating, and having fun. It is filled with local and international brands, an amazing food court and of course a state-of-the-art cinema.

Moreover, to entertain your little ones, the mall has Sparky’s indoor amusement park!

Riyadh Park Mall

Al Nakheel Mall

Al Nakheel is one of the most popular shopping malls in Riyadh. The eye-captive architecture and other factors such as the food court, interesting brands, and mall location make it a busy mall.

It is a mall that has everything for all the family members. A cinema for family entertainment also awaits!

Al Nakheel Mall Riyadh

Panorama Mall

Panorama Mall is a shopping destination for everyone. For people not concerned about their budget to people wanting to shop within their budget, Panorama Mall is equipped with local and international brands! Electronics, food, clothes, accessories, you can find it all at the mall!

Panorama Mall Riyadh

Granada Mall

Granada is a big shopping mall incorporating local and international brands in Riyadh. It offers a tremendous and diverse shopping experience for everyone as you can buy electronics, food, fashion products, clothing, and other stuff here.

Granada Mall Riyadh.

Hayat Mall

Hayat Mall hosts more than 400 stores which are mostly retail shops, restaurants, and others. The luxury cinema is a must to go. It also offers a great eating experience through its food court and a great shopping and entertainment experience.

Hayat Mall Riyadh

Al Qasr Mall

Al Qasr Mall, which is located in southern Riyadh, is the best go-to mall for shopping. Its elegant architecture and sleek interior allow the shoppers to have a relaxed shopping experience.

It allows everyone to be entertained by its right blend of local and international brands, food areas, and entertainment areas.

  • Al Qasr Mall location.
  • Grocery Store: Carrefour.
  • Cinema: VOX.

Al Qasr Mall Riyadh

Othaim Mall

Another great mall in Riyadh is the Othaim Mall. If you are going shopping with your family then this is the right place for you!

You can enjoy shopping, and food, and get entertained by the cinema and entertainment areas for kids and adults. It is a great place for a fun-filled day!

When the outside temperature is 50°C, tourists can visit the place called Snow City located in Othaim Mall, Riyadh to experience -5°C. There are numerous rides there and you are going to love it with your family.

  • Othaim Mall Location.
  • Snow City is on the 3rd Floor.
  • Snow City Ticket Price: SR 170/person.

Othaim Mall Riyadh

Sahara Mall

One of the favorite malls in Riyadh is the Sahara Mall. You can find all your favorite local and international brands under a single roof.  You know they are serving good food as the food court is always happily filled! The children love it for the entertainment area!

Sahara Mall Riyadh

Rimal Center

While Rimal Center is the last one on our list, it is probably one of the finest malls in Riyadh. It has an aesthetic design and caters to everyone. From local brands to international brands, to high-quality restaurants to entertaining centers, Rimal Center has it all!

Rimal Center Riyadh

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