5 best places to eat Mandi in Jeddah

Mandi is made of rice and tendered meat (preferably lamb). If you are in Jeddah and want to have the best Mandi, here at the top 5 restaurants for you.

  1. Saddah

The Mandi is readily available at Saddah restaurant no matter what time you go, all you need to do is make sure you reach it during its operational hours and allow your taste buds to have the best treatment.

Saddah restaurant - best Mandi in Jeddah

  1. Raydan

Craving for Mandi? Can’t risk low taste? Go for Raydan without a second option! Thank me later! In my opinion, Raydan offers the best Mandi in Jeddah. The chicken Mandi is available for around SR 20 and the mutton mandi is for SR 80.

Raydan restaurant - best Mandi in Jeddah

  1. Al-Romansiah

Al-Romansiah has just entered Jeddah and it is the best thing that has ever happened to Jeddah.

Al-Romansiah has branches across KSA and man they serve one of the best Mandi in Jeddah town. The lamb is tender and served with spiced rice that is cooked with expertise. This is a must to try!

  1. Lamb Chef

Lamb Chef is an all-time favorite. You might also bump into local stars there as it is their favorite too. The lamb served with rice is much different as it is roasted. Yet it is tempting and heavenly delicious.

  1. Manahi restaurant

Our list of best Mandi-based restaurants is incomplete without them. they offer quality Mandi and have never disappointed their customers. Taste and quality are supreme.

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