7 Best Places in UAE to Find Best Flower Bouquets

Nothing compares to the smile and delight on your loved one’s face, or any recipient for that matter, when they receive a freshly arranged flower bouquet. Timing matters too! 

Whether for a surprise show of affection, an anniversary gift or welcoming a corporate guest to an event, you expect flower bouquets to arrive at your doorstep timely.

You can truly make someone’s day with a fresh and fragrant bouquet of flowers. But for that, you must know the best florists or flower bouquet delivery services in UAE that won’t disappoint you.

Otherwise, there is no shortage of flower sellers or florists around the country, but whether they are able to satisfy customers with variety, unique and custom flower arrangements, freshness, and timely delivery is a different story altogether.

But we got you! Through extensive research, customer reviews, feedback, and analysis on various metrics such as diversity, flower variety, customization, quality, delivery, etc., we have handpicked the top 7 places in UAE to find the best flower bouquets.  

800 Flower

Perhaps the few top players when it comes to flower bouquets in UAE! 800 Flower are appreciated nationwide for their quick, reliable and convenient floral delivery services.

The diversity in terms of bouquet design, arrangements, and flower variety combinations is unparalleled.

Do you want the simplest yet aesthetically pleasing bouquet to communicate specific emotions and vibes?  They have it! 

Do you desire to order a highly sophisticated, elegant and detailed flower bouquet emitting luxury, artistic appeal and uniqueness? They surely have it and can customise it for you more or less as per your preference. And then everything in between you can think of!

They also specialise in floral arrangements for all kinds of events, including weddings, corporate functions, and events.

As far as their delivery services go, they offer same-day delivery and are also inclined to cater to special requests as well.

Fine Blooms

Fine Blooms offer the best bouquets you can order online for Valentine’s Day or your romantic partner. Their hand-crafted artisanal bouquets are out of the world, carefully curated with love and thoughtfulness.

They have an exquisite range of flowers to craft unique flower arrangements and designs that translate to unique expressions of love.

Fine Blooms is the top online bouquet delivery service, always pushing unconventional boundaries of floristry and creating bouquets for every occasion.

Unlike others, their main focus is to bring a fresh and imaginative approach to floral designs by sourcing seasonal and unusual flowers worldwide.

But like others in our top list, they also offer same-day and next-day delivery options.


Even though they are pioneers in the flower delivery game, they are a one-stop shop for numerous gifting options such as balloons, cakes, chocolates and surprise combos.

FNP has a huge customer base in the UAE when it comes to floral delivery. You can expect nothing less than freshness and pristine conditions of flowers upon delivery.

Not to mention same-day delivery or within-few-hours delivery options for people who love to surprise their loved ones or, say, forgot an anniversary.

They also pair their variety of bouquets with personalized gifts, delicious cakes, luxury chocolates and more to create a combo gift.


Whether you are a spontaneous lover who loves to surprise your partner or trying to save your marriage or relationship because you forgot their birthday or wedding anniversary, Florette saves the day with their assured same-day flower bouquet delivery.

Florette is celebrated across the UAE for their exquisite floral arrangement and exceptional customer service. Their attention to detail in designing and creative flower combinations is just hands down the best!

However, mind you that the cut-off for Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah is 6 pm in the evening, whereas for Abu Dhabi, you get to deliver on the same day by 12 pm.

Bliss Flower Boutique

The florists at Bliss Flower Boutique are known for crafting extraordinary centrepiece flower bouquets that stand out aesthetically due to their unique arrangement. 

With the overwhelming diversity of flowers in their collection, you get to choose the floral masterpieces.

Then, their luxury collection of bouquets with elegance and sophistication is something else entirely. Quite an impression to make with these flower bouquets if you opt to give them to your loved one or even to your boss, client or in a corporate meeting. Going to meet someone for the first time?  Take these, and they will be flattered!

If you really fall in love with them, you can opt for their subscription package which will be delivered right to your doorstep every week. Way to make yourself feel special! 


IGP (Indian Gifts Portal) is famous for its elegant, creative, and unique bouquet designs. They offer customization to their customers so you can add a personal touch, a special message or any personalization to make it more emotionally invested and special for someone.

Their easy-to-navigate, user-friendly website only makes ordering flower bouquets online like walking on a flower path! ( See what I did there!)

Like FNP, you can also pair your flower bouquets with other gifting items like cakes and chocolates.

Even if you wake up in the middle of the night thinking of surprising someone with flowers, they even have a special midnight delivery service. What more can you ask for?

In a nutshell, convenience for ordering online, same-day and midnight delivery and extensive variety make them a popular gifting service in the UAE.


This is an innovative platform for finding a perfect bouquet for any occasion as it connects the customers with local florists.

Flowwow ensures diverse floral designs, unique combinations, and arrangements coming directly from the talented local florists of the UAE. Due to this, you will find their bouquets have artistic and craftsmanship value.

You order it, and it arrives fresh, fragrant and well-preserved right on time the same day. Since they have a vast network of local florists, the flowers are assured to be sourced in the best way possible with the least meditation between sourcing and delivering to your doorsteps. 

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, there are a plethora of options for flower bouquet delivery in UAE, offering properly sourced, fresh, creatively arranged, design-rich flower bouquets for all sorts of occasions and events. Our carefully curated list of top places will get you what you’re looking for, which will suit your specific taste, preference, occasion, and budget.

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Can I order flowers online for delivery in the UAE?

Yes, UAE has no shortage of florists and online flower delivery services such as 800 Flower, Ferns N Petals, etc. It is highly convenient for any user to browse through their catalogue, choose the flower arrangement they prefer, place an order and schedule delivery.

Can I get same-day delivery for flower bouquets in the UAE?

Yes, you can get same-day delivery for flower bouquets in the UAE in all our listed top flower bouquet services, such as 800 Flower, FNP, IGP, Bliss Flower Boutique, etc.

How can I ensure the flower bouquets I order will be fresh?

First of all, choose only reputed florists or flower bouquet delivery services such as 800 Flowers, FNP, etc. Make sure to read customer reviews and ratings. See whether they are ensuring freshness guarantee.

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