Top 6 best Hijama centers in Jeddah

Cupping or simply Hijama is an alternative to other medical offers to get a healthy blood circulation. It is a side-effect-free treatment that has its roots in sunnah. Going for Hijama can be troublesome especially if you don’t know about good centers around you. Here we have some highly recommended Hijama centers in Jeddah for you:

  1. Subspecialist Center for Hijama

One of the best Hijama centers of Jeddah is the Subspecialist center. It provides quality cupping services. The customers are satisfied with their cupping services and also remarked that it a neat, nice and clean place. Special care of cleanliness is being observed there. Recommended: Top 4 best Hijama Centers in Riyadh

Special mention for Dr.Hanan who provides good great cupping and Hijama services. She is skillful, ethical and knows her work well.

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  1. Zia Center

A great physical therapy clinic where the doctors and staff are really kind and gentle. They are always making an effort to provide the best services and take care of hygiene and cleanliness. Highly recommended clinic for Hijama services in Jeddah.

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  1. Hejama Centre

All the clients are satisfied with their services. It is an exclusive Hijama center in Jeddah where cupping services are being offered. They have a well-organized team that tends to perform good Hijama services. The center is clean and spacious with good services.

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  1. Al-Hashimi Center Specialist cupping

It is a good Hijama center with specialist staff. The center is clean and is equipped with modern equipment. The customers rate it as one of the best Hijama centers of Jeddah. They are considered as one of the most reasonable centers of Jeddah.

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  1. Expert of Hijama center

It is one of the finest hijama centers of Jeddah. Their prices are also good. One of the customers revealed that he paid SAR 184 for 8 cups. The staff is professional, especially Dr. Muhammad who is the Hijama expert.

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  1. Relief Physiotherapy and Cupping center

It is the most hygienic cupping center in Jeddah. Clean and nice center with dedicated youth working at your service. A highly recommended hijama center of Jeddah.

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