Top 10 Beaches in Saudi Arabia

Living in Saudi Arabia and not visiting the beaches of Saudi Arabia would be rather disappointing. Saudi Arabia has got some of the most breathtaking beaches t you can enjoy. 

Best Public Beaches

Public beaches as the name suggests are those which are open to the public and they are allowed to roam openly but it has restrictions on clothing. Following are the 5 Public beaches of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Al-Fanateer Beach in Jubail

Al Fanateer beach is located at Al Jubail’s and is one of the most favorite among the locals as well as the visitors of this place. There are several pleasing beaches, scenic boat rides, walking paths, and much more. This is the best place to relax with your family and friends.

Al-Fanateer Beach in Jubail

  1. Haql Beach

Haql Beach is located in the town of Haql at the head of Aqaba Gulf. This beach is a great spot for divers. If you are a good swimmer then you must also explore the Hall Beach Shipwreck. It has a stunning coral reef life making it a famous diving spot. 

Haql Beach

  1. Farasan Al Kabir Beach

Farasan Island is well known for having the most beautiful diving spots in the world with beautiful seascapes, clear blue water, and isolated islands.

If you are planning to go diving, then Farasan Island is the best place where you will also find Farasan Al Kabir the largest island among them.

Farasan Al Kabir Beach

  1. Umluj Beach

Off the city of Umluj, there is an island with virgin beaches where you can hire a boat from the harbor for SAR 100 and explore your trip to the island. This is one of the 50 islands included in the red sea project.

  1. Half Moon Beach, Khobar

Shaped like the half-moon as its name suggests, this beach is the biggest destination for the locals as well as the tourists. Half Moon beach gives a spectacular view of the Persian Gulf. It also offers a number of other activities like an amusement park, playground, washrooms, and lockers and showers for visitors.

Half Moon Beach, Khobar

Best Private Beaches

Private beaches do not offer strict rules and are enclosed so that no one could see the beaches. Mentioned below are the 5 private beaches of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Durrat Al Arous, Jeddah

Durrat Al Arous is the oldest and one of the biggest private beaches of Jeddah with 1000 beach villas, a theme park, a diving school, and a golf course.

This is also known as the first private beach of Saudi Arabia which started the trend of private beaches. You can book a villa for a day or as per your needs.

  1. OIA Resort, Jeddah

Inspired by the idea of Greek beaches, this resort features a white stone house. Here you can recreate yourself having fun with the sailing, kayaking, and floating Water Park. Here you can also enjoy tasty foods from the artisanal cafes and restaurants nearby.

OIA Resort, Jeddah

  1. Bhadur Resort, Jeddah

Located in Jeddah, this resort has a private beach and also provides you with the services of a spa, sunbeds, cafes and restaurants, a diving school, and a water park. Besides this, there is a number of games and arcade schools to keep your kids busy while you relax.

Bhadur Resort, Jeddah

  1. Indigo Beach, Jeddah

Indigo beach is known as one of the most luxurious private beaches which is open to members only. The Bali-inspired beach offers you four-bedroom bungalows, waterfalls and infinity pools, a spa, and a gym.

Indigo Beach, Jeddah

  1. Silver Sand Beach, Jeddah

Silver sand demands SAR 150 entrance fee per person and offers fun activities like windsurfing, snorkeling open water swimming to smaller Islands. Here you can enjoy complete privacy.

Silver Sand Beach, Jeddah

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