Top 10 best audit/accounting firms in Saudi Arabia

There are around 285 audit and accounting firms registered with Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) in KSA. If you are looking for a job in an accounting firm, always target the top 10 best audit firms in Saudi Arabia.

  • All these firms provide tax, audit, accounting, and consulting services.

PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers

PwC is one of the big 4 audit firms in the world and is very well-known for its quality assurance services. They have the 3rd highest market share in the country.

Being the best audit firm in Saudi Arabia, they charge a premium from their clients. According to my personal experience, PwC charges at least 25% over and above the other big 4 audit firms in KSA. Therefore, most of their clients are big giants such as Aramco.

PwC - best audit firms in Saudi Arabia

EY – Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young, another big 4 audit firm has the biggest market share of the listed companies in Saudi Arabia.

Having the highest number of certified accountants on their payroll, they know how to retain their clients. We keep them at number 2 among the top 10 audit firms in Saudi Arabia.

EY - best audit firms in Saudi Arabia


With a workforce of around 1,300 certified accountants across the country including Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Khobar, KPMG has gained significant market share in a few years.

Being one of the best audit firms, they have the second biggest market share among listed companies in Saudi Arabia.

KPMG - best audit firms in Saudi Arabia

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Deloitte was a leading audit firm in Saudi Arabia until 2016 when the market regulator CMA barred them from auditing the listed companies for 2 years over the Mohammed Al Mojil Group (MMG) scandal.

Most of its clients moved to other big 4 audit firms mainly KPMG and EY. Although the restrictions have been lifted since 2018, Deloitte is still struggling to recover its clients. We keep them at number 4 among the top 10 audit firms in Saudi Arabia.

Deloitte - best audit firms in Saudi Arabia

BDO – Dr. Mohamed Al-Amri & Co

BDO firm has progressively developed into one of the leading firms of certified public accountants and consultants in Saudi Arabia. Currently, they are auditing 4 out of 16 cement companies in KSA.

The firm has concentrated its efforts on maintaining a high standard of professional competence and service and has succeeded in attracting some of the fortune 100 companies as its clients. We keep them at number 5 among the top 10 audit firms in Saudi Arabia.

BDO - Dr. Mohamed Al-Amri & Co


With the dynamic and highly professional certified accountants, Crowe is aggressively increasing its market share in the Saudi Market. Within no time, they are considered at number 6 among the best audit firms in Saudi Arabia.

With comparatively lower audit fees yet high standard assurance services, they are gaining more listed companies in Saudi Arabia.

Crowe -best audit firms in saudi arabia

Grant Thornton – Abdullah Al-Basri & Co

Aldar Audit Bureau, Abdullah Al-Basri & Co. is a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd. With over 30 years of experience in Saudi Arabia having offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Khobar, with the team of around 200 certified accountants, they are one of the best audit firms in the region.

Grant Thornton - Abdullah Al-Basri & Co

RSM – Allied Accountants

Allied Accountants is a local audit firm been a member of RSM International since 2009. Their professionals have a highly diversified wealth of experience covering all sectors of the economy including Commercial banks, Islamic banks, Insurance and Takaful, Commerce, Manufacturing, health care, and other services. 

RSM - Allied Accountants


BakerTilly is one of the top 10 best audit firms in Saudi Arabia with offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Khobar. They have more than 100 certified professional accountants on their payroll.

Baker Tilly

Nexia International

Nexia International is one of the top 10 best audit firms in the world which operates with the name of Abdullah Bakodah Financial Advisory Firm in Saudi Arabia.

List of all Audit Firms in Saudi Arabia

If you want to broaden your job hunt, there is nothing bad to drop your CVs in all the audit firms registered by SOCPA in Saudi Arabia. Here is a list of them along with phone numbers and email addresses;

Audit FirmEmailPhone
Saudi Accounting and Auditing Group - Al-Jasser and Al-Dakhil[email protected]0114777706
Saudi Accountants - Ibrahim Al-Sabeel & Partner CPAs[email protected]0114653139
Al-Suwailem & Al-Anzan Company - [email protected]0112933950
PricewaterhouseCoopers - Chartered Accountants[email protected]0112110400
Al Dar for Auditing Abdullah Al Basri & Co[email protected]0114630680
Hassan Al-Serafy and Shafiq Ahmed Chartered Accountants[email protected]0138325401
Rodel Al-Tuwaijri Company[email protected]0114631273
Deloitte & Touche & Co. - [email protected]0112828400
Ahmed Abdullah Bagnaid and Asaad Saleh Basudan Co.[email protected]0126654424
Al-Azm, Al-Sudairi, Al-Sheikh[email protected]920001474
Aboud Abu Bakr Baeshen[email protected]0126510001
Adel Abdul Aziz Bodhi & Omar Ibrahim Al Omar Company[email protected]0138051000
Abdul Rahman Al Mudaihim and Khaled Ateen Company[email protected]0112002111
Sami Farah & Partner Co. [email protected]0122613727
Khaled Abdel Haq Mandora and Samir Hossam El Din Al Umayyad[email protected]0126515905
Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Bassam & Partners Co. Chartered Accountants[email protected]0112065333
Al Kharashi & Co. [email protected]0114784009
Ahmed Tayseer Ibrahim & Partners CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0126516685
Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Hamali & Partners Co. [email protected]0112495444
Mohamed Fida Mohamed Abdel Moati Bahjat & Partner Co.[email protected]0126574228
Mamdouh Sulaiman Al-Majed and Faisal Muhammed Al-Anazi Co. [email protected]0114640801
Khalid Sultan Al Ruwais and his partner CPAs and Auditors[email protected]920003955
Saleh Muhammed Al-Thunayan & Partner Co. [email protected]920000368
Turki Abdulmohsen Al-Luhaid and Saleh Abdullah Al-Yahya Co. [email protected]0112694419
Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Azzaq and Huda Aqil Al-Zailai Company[email protected]0114161008
Nasser Muhammad Al-Kanhal & Partner Co. [email protected]920002082
Mohammed Abdullah Al-Junaidel and Suleiman bin Abdullatif Al-Qawsi Co.[email protected]0114111452
Abdullah Misfer Badran & Partner Co. [email protected]0126782286
Faisal Mahmoud Al-Sabban Company and a partner of [email protected]0126643104
Turki Hadiban Al-Awfi and Abdullah Saleh Al-Harbi Co. [email protected]0112429444
Saad Saleh Al-Sabti & Partners Co. [email protected]0114615445
Vision Company[email protected]0114771003
Khaled Mohammed Al Muhaimidy Accounting and Auditing Company[email protected]0114645533
Ernst & Young Professional Services[email protected]0112734740
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. Chartered Accountants[email protected]0114642936
KPMG Professional Consulting Company[email protected]0118748500
Baker Tilly MKM & Co. Chartered Accountants[email protected]0118351600
Waleed M. Al Shabanat & Partner Company[email protected]0114771115
Ashraf Bakr Bassas & Partners Co. [email protected]0116769449
Al-Yousef and Al-Saeed Auditing Company[email protected]0114776141
Adel Abdullah Abu Al-Khair Company and Abdullah Adel Abu Al-Khair [email protected]0114191219
Dr. Mohammed Al-Omari & Partners Chartered Accountants[email protected]920024254
Battle Abdullah Al-Batel & Partner Co. [email protected]0112913377
Expert Accounting Consulting Company[email protected]0114541400
Mohammed Omar Al-Ayidi and Mohammed Saleh Al-Salloum Co. [email protected]0114545566
Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Saleh, Yasser Zuman Al-Zoman Co. [email protected]0114180404
Umbro [email protected]0114164144
Hammoud Al-Rubaian Solidarity Accountants Company[email protected]0114602551
Osama Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Khunaizan & Partner Company, [email protected]0114111143
Tariq Hamza Taha Zino Company for Auditing[email protected]0112221844
Sulaiman Ali Al Salem & Partners Co. [email protected]0114792232
Abdul Malik Mohammed Al Khulaifi Group Company[email protected]0112010200
Ibrahim Ali Al-Salami Certified Accountants and Auditors[email protected]0114846664
Alpha Group Professional Consulting Company[email protected]0114777166
Faisal Mohammed Al-Othaim Professional Consulting Company[email protected]0593322459
Edraak International Certified Accountants and Auditors[email protected]0114742558
Khaled Mohammed Al-Bassam Certified Accountants and Auditors[email protected]0596665556
Sultan Ahmed Mohammed Al Shubaili Co. [email protected]0114837877
Saleh Mohammed Al Falaj Company [email protected]0580008168
Al-Nawam Company [email protected]0112017185
Tamkeen International Company Certified Accountants[email protected]0581575858
Abdullah Abdul Karim Al Sudais Company CPAs and Auditors[email protected]
Yazid Abdullah Al-Badawi Accountants and CPAs[email protected]0555331150
Maksab Professional Consulting Company[email protected]0566299833
Rabea Fahd Al-Qadi & Partners Co., [email protected]
Thameen Certified Accountants and Auditors Company[email protected]0538666272
Abdul Rahman Khaled Al Hamzani Company CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0558882395
United Gulf Company [email protected]0554344496
Affirmation Certified Accountants and Auditors Company[email protected]0545052209
Anas Mohammed Al-Tuwaijri CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0539097006
Tawazun Company [email protected]0541750050
Raqeem Company[email protected]0582697422
Mustafa Mohammed Al-Drees Professional Consulting Company[email protected]0506904667
Munir Salman Munir Al-Otaibi Professional Consulting Company[email protected]0118122599
Abdullah Omar Bakudah & Partners Co. [email protected]0138279355
Mission Consulting Company0138589000
Key Point Accounting Consulting Company[email protected]0138699400
United Accountants Professional Consulting Company[email protected]0124169361
Osama Abdullah Al-Khuraiji Chartered Accountants[email protected]0126600085
Hashem Omar Khayat & Partners Company[email protected]0122842305
Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hajj & Partner Co. [email protected]0126760401
Al-Sayed Al-Ayouti & Co. Chartered Accountants Company[email protected]0126693478
Khaled Hawsawi & Partners CPAs and Auditors[email protected]920027014
Abdul Qadir Ali Sindi and Mazen Muhammad Batterjee[email protected]0126123322
Lists unit for Auditing company[email protected]0126522209
Ahmed Mohamed Khaled Abdel Razzaq Al Dahlawi Group Company[email protected]0126163130
Edraak Professional Consulting Company[email protected]0126099730
Saud Daoud Algerian Company and its partners are [email protected]012613331
Faris Mohammed Al-Ghamdi and Osama Yousef Zuhairi
Saad Khalaf Al Qathami & Partner Company[email protected]0555671071
Abdul Majeed Engineer, Auditors and Chartered Accountants[email protected]0126636565
Al-Biouk Chartered Accountants[email protected]0112886581
Charity Chartered Accountants and Consultants[email protected]0126060183
Al Swailem Chartered Accountants & Auditors[email protected]0114655370
Al-Rubaish [email protected]0114910000
Al-Saleh Chartered Auditors and Accountants[email protected]0114807075
Fahad Zakaria Yahya Salama [email protected]0126766573
Masoud Al-Rafidi Office of Accountants and Auditors Gan[email protected]0126650792
Fouad Muhammed Mukhtar Auditors and accountants  legal[email protected]0126517961
Khalil Al Bahloul [email protected]0114549902
Mohammed Saad Al-Ghwainim Chartered Accountants[email protected]0138878705
Mohamed Abdullah Mallat, Chartered Auditors and Accountants[email protected]0126605505
Abdel Moneim Mahmoud Amin Chartered Auditors and Accountants[email protected]0127384384
Abdulaziz Khalifa Al-Mulhim Chartered Accountant[email protected]0118327164
Abdullah Abdulaziz Al Bayoudh [email protected]0114794542
Mohamed Saeed Saleh Bashel Accounting Consulting Office[email protected]0126493157
Hamza Ahmed Bakri [email protected]0148386136
Muhammad Al-Hadithi Office of Chartered Accountants[email protected]0114601155
Safety Auditors & Chartered Accountants[email protected]0114794490
Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Sudairy Chartered Accountants[email protected]0114651898
Azzam Mohamed Sharif Chartered Accountants[email protected]0126651160
Magdy Saeed Ahmed Badreq Chartered aqccountants[email protected]0122345507
Zuhair Bushnaq Chartered Auditors and Accountants[email protected]0126649924
Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Al-Jouf[email protected]0138902566
Al-Abailan Chartered Auditors and Accountants[email protected]0114012034
Hamad Al-Awfi Office of Chartered Auditors and Accountants[email protected]0114616310
Al Subaie [email protected]0114633511
Abdullah Shaher Chartered Accountant[email protected]0172235678
Muhammad and Bran Al Kulaib Chartered Accountants[email protected]0114193922
Al Qassem Accounting and Consulting[email protected]0112911000
Al-Suleiman Chartered Accountant Office[email protected]0112154341
Abdul Jabbar [email protected]0126141080
Omar Seif El Din Saaty Chartered Accountants[email protected]920025825
Mohammed Salem Bin Dabab Chartered Accountant[email protected]0122630161
Al Thuwaini Chartered Accountant[email protected]0126721349
Abdullah bin Othman bin Hamza Al-Qattan Office of [email protected]0126504241
Omar Al-Hoshan Office, Chartered Auditors and Accountants[email protected]0114649166
Tamerek Chartered Accountants and Consultants[email protected]0126573311
Ahmed Saeed Al-Dosari [email protected]0138311149
Mohammed Saeed in Al-Amash Chartered Accountants[email protected]0559449888
Ihsan bin Amanullah Makhdoom for Auditing[email protected]
Haitham Al-Nasser [email protected]0138343393
Ali Shaher Al-Mushy [email protected]0126648862
Mohamed Sawan [email protected]0114781579
Ibrahim Khattabi, [email protected]0122611204
Al Mubarak Chartered Accountants and Financial Consultants[email protected]0112886815
Al-Shbani Chartered Auditors and Accountants Office[email protected]0114766400
Yasser Balkhi Office[email protected]0122630090
Al-Shadokhi [email protected]0114784639
Hussam Faisal Baward Office of [email protected]012655466
Bandar Al-Dalbahi [email protected]0114724318
Abdulwahab Al-Aqeel Office of [email protected]920007832
Adib bin Mohammed Abanmi Office of [email protected]0114001498
Bassam Mohammed Al-Baqawi Office of [email protected]920008698
Al Baraki Office[email protected]920002183
Rami Khaled Al-Khidr Office of [email protected]0126988020
Sultan Al-Otaibi Chartered Accountants and Consultants[email protected] 0114651939
Suhad Abdullah Al Bayoudh Accounting and Auditing Office[email protected]0114767581
Ahmed Al-Saqqaf [email protected]0126902033
Abdul Majeed Abdul Qadir Manqal Chartered Accountants[email protected]0112467366
Ayman Mokahem Al-Moqhem Office of [email protected]920002697
Talal Al-Otaibi [email protected]0148665666
Shayeq Al-Shamrani [email protected]0112912694
Ali Al Shaibani Office of [email protected]920010059
Yasser Al Tala’a Office[email protected]0114778088
Rashid Awaji Office of [email protected]0112290444
Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj [email protected]0138949294
Muhammad Daghestani's Office CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0126500062
Khaled Al-Dhiab Office of [email protected]0112107476
Mohammed bin Yahya Al Shahrani Accounting and Auditing Office[email protected]0114560660
Al Mousa Office Accountants Legal and Consultants[email protected]0114610784
Abdullah Al Hamdan Office of [email protected]0138688018
Yasser Al-Juhani Office of [email protected]0112924408
Sultan Al Sudairi Office[email protected]0112933723
Ibrahim Al-Qarawi Office of [email protected]0173213344
Ankis Office of [email protected]0112753595
Amin Al Saeed Chartered Accountants and Consultants[email protected]920003554
Turki Al-Aqla Office of [email protected]0112753308
Walid Bin Youssef Al-Ziyad [email protected]0138648849
Suleiman Abdullah Al-Khalaf Office for Accounting and Auditing[email protected]0505220084
Hisham Al-Shalfan Office of [email protected]0114761339
Abdul Karim Al-Sahn Legal Accountants and Auditors Office[email protected]0504244970
Hussain Al Ismail Office of [email protected]0138336662
Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Faraj Office of [email protected]0547717103
Rashid Al-Ghamdi Office[email protected]
Sultan Qaramesh Office of Accountants[email protected]0551435909
Abdulaziz Al Ateeqi Office of [email protected]0114120203
Abdul Rahman Al-Shbaishiri Office of [email protected]0112791774
Suhaim Chartered Accountants[email protected]0507801473
Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Ali Office of [email protected]
Ali Abdullah Al Bakheet Accounting and Auditing Office[email protected]0114851693
Ali Al-Nasser Office[email protected]0112931220
Abdullah Mohammed Al-Fraih Accounting and Auditing Office[email protected]0112931144
Emad Al-Harbi [email protected]0126631433
Khaled Al Shalahi Office of [email protected]0112970011
Suleiman Al-Dakhil Office of [email protected]0553117887
Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Hadithi Office of [email protected]0115117663
Hussain Al Hamidani Office[email protected]0112755466
Fahad Al Hafi Office of [email protected]0112920773
Mohammed Al Faran Office of [email protected]0112033202
Turki Bin Nasser Al Dajani Office CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0112932130
Al-Hussein Al-Daghrir CPAs and Auditors Office[email protected]0126058453
Hani Al-Aqili [email protected]0114504433
Abdul Majeed Suleiman Al-Dakhil Office for Auditing[email protected]0114837877
Osama Al Sudais Chartered Accountants Office[email protected]0548779895
Riad Bin Blaihed Office of Chartered Accountants[email protected]0112113050
Ali Al Mosaad Office of [email protected]0172933465
Abdullah Al-Jabr Chartered Accountants and Consultants Office[email protected]0112251240
Turki bin Salem Al-Harbi Office of [email protected]0114777710
Abdullah bin Ghniman Al Muzaini Office of [email protected]0540415341
Bashar Bin Ali Abdul Rahman Office of [email protected]0118124190
Abdul Rahman bin Dakhl bin Talal Al Hussaini Office[email protected]
Marei bin Abdulaziz Al-Omari Office of [email protected]
Ali Sami Al Jaziri [email protected]0138942602
Muhammad Nasser Al-Ghafaili Chartered Accountants[email protected]
Laila Khaled Muhammad Al-Khalifa Office, [email protected]0112766852
Office of Mohammed bin Hassan Chartered Accountants[email protected]0114040411
Naser Awad Al Kiran Office of CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0112000049
Khaled Salem Bahamam Office for Auditing[email protected]0112344535
Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Al Kanhal Office of [email protected]0112383223
Abdul Rahman bin Eid Al-Makhlafi Al-Harbi Office of [email protected]0112110777
Adnan Bin Ali Moria Office of [email protected]0114633888
Saad bin Abdul Rahman Al Mutreb Office of [email protected]
Anwar Abdullah Al Hammad Office of CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0545277535
Ahmed Al-Aqili Office of Chartered Accountants[email protected]0114577445
Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Kanhal Office of [email protected]0555108078
Ihab Aqeel Al-Saqqaf Office of Chartered Accountants[email protected]
Nasser Al-Khunaizi Office[email protected]0138098386
Hassan bin Abdulrahman Al Bahes Office of Consultants[email protected]0114704044
Hammam Mustafa Bin Mohammed Saeed Salameh [email protected]
Ahmed bin Salman Al-Moallem [email protected]
Ibrahim Al-Sayed Office of [email protected]0126621222
Nefl Barak Benya [email protected] 0114927297
Miteb bin Ibrahim Al-Khudairi for Accounting and Auditing[email protected]0114877774
Hassan Abu Tayer Chartered Accountants & Consultants Office[email protected]0114333441
Hatem Hamdan Al Ahmadi Office CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0126613358
Abdul Rahman Ali Hussain Al-Zahrani [email protected]
Saad bin Abdullah Al-Saran Accounting and Auditing Office0112032001
Khalid Bin Hassan Al Abyad CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0138332022
Rayan Jamal Al-Din Omar Al-Fatni Office for Accounting Consulting[email protected]
Hussein Al-Otaibi Office of [email protected]0114903832
Mohammed bin Marei' al-Haqawi
Faisal bin Salim Al Mahmadi Office of CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0126175565
Suleiman bin Sami Al-Asafi [email protected]
Saleh bin Hamad Al-Munif Office of CPAs and Auditors[email protected]
Faisal Khalifa Abdullah Al Khalifa Office of [email protected]0114177770
Ayman Al-Hadithi Chartered Accountants & Consultants Office[email protected]
Talal bin Khalaf Al-Anazi Office of [email protected]0553884422
Salah Bin Mohammed Barbaa Office of [email protected]
Al Rabie Chartered Accountants and Consultants[email protected]0138082223
Osama Bin Marboub Abdul Latif Office of Chartered Accountants[email protected]0148446880
Saleh Ibrahim Al-Ruwaita Office of [email protected]
Musab Mohammed Al-Zamil Office of [email protected]0533378770
Ali Muhammad Al-Khars Office, [email protected]
Amal Abdullah Mansour Office[email protected]
The office of Abdul-Nasser fined Allah Al-Ghamdi[email protected]
Al Shamer Chartered Accountants and Consultants[email protected]
Ali Salem Awad Al-Athari Office for Auditing[email protected]
Office of Ahmed Mohammed Salbi Al-Sulaiman CPAs and Auditors[email protected]
Mohammed Saleh Al-Tuwaijri Office[email protected]0112388111
Ahmed Salem Abu Bakr Bajneed Office of [email protected]0126554034
Emad Saeed Al-Malki Office of [email protected]
Mushabab Saleh Al Mufreh Al Qahtani [email protected]0112478147
Abdullah Fahad Al Sahli Office of Chartered Accountants[email protected]0112770708
Mohamed Ahmed Al-Amoudi Office of [email protected]
Issa Mohamed Fahim Office of [email protected]
Abdul Rahman Abdulaziz Al-Azzaz Office of [email protected]0112015666
Ibrahim Muhammed Al Fahad Office of CPAs and Auditors[email protected]
Khaled Ahmed Abdullah Al Mubarak Office CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0590089616
Ahmed Ibrahim Al Sunaidi Chartered Accountants[email protected]
Bassam Ali Al-Dhabi Office of [email protected]
Mohammed Hadi Al Dowais Office of [email protected]
Fahad Abdulaziz Al Mousa Office CPAs[email protected]0506477570
Mohammed Barak Bani Al-Anzi Office CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0537777214
Khaled Abdullah Al-Saeed Office[email protected]0146269949
Falah Nasser Al-Ajmi Office of CPAs and Auditors[email protected]
Sarah Abdul Rahman Al Mohsen Office of [email protected]
Majed Mohammed Al Barti Office of [email protected]0126430033
The office of Tariq Saleh Al Jalal Al-Ghamdi [email protected]0569294321
Saif Hamad Al Daoud Office CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0565118682
Yazid Hussam Al-Hayyaf Office of CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0539222742
Rayan Mohammed bin Khaled Al-Fadhel Office of [email protected]0501639539
Mufleh Bin Dawas Al-Khalidi Office CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0558844440
Moaz Hammoud Al-Mushaiqeh Office of CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0503219066
Musaed Yousef Abdulaziz Al-Damegh Office, [email protected]0112453641
Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Abdullatif Office of [email protected]0506975775
Muhannad Abdulaziz Al-Shiddi Office of CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0555715599
Maan Ibrahim Al-Shanqeeti's Office CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0560878318
Fahd Muhammad Al Sinan Office of [email protected]0504969990
Ali Abdullah Salham Office of [email protected]0504835809
Abdul Aziz Hamad Al Zaid Office of [email protected]0545899481
Faisal Ahmed Al Buraiki Office of [email protected]0590001038
Sarah Salem Al Dossary Office CPAs and Auditors[email protected]0541178880

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