Top 2 Best Arabic Language Courses in Jeddah

The Arabic language is the national language of Saudi Arabia hence it is vital for people, especially expatriates to understand this language well. Expatriates do not have to worry about learning this language since there are various language courses centers set up in Jeddah which provide classes for the Arabic language. Expatriates do not have to worry about learning this language since there are various language courses centers set up in Jeddah which provide classes for the Arabic language

They are helpful and easily accessible. Like I mentioned before, it is essential to learn this language because once you are in Saudi, be it communicating with the locals at a basic grocery store or having business meetings in the office, it will all be mostly done in Arabic hence it is important to get hold of this language.[irp]

If you do not, get ready to feel left out because that is how you are going to feel when people around you are conversing in Arabic. Below listed are the two very popular representatives who provide classes for Arabic Language Courses in Jeddah.

King Abdul Aziz University Arabic Language Course: This is said to be the one of the best Arabic Language Course in Jeddah. The price of this is SR 1200 for every single level. One level consists of 8 weeks in total which is equal to 40 hours. The total number of levels is 12.

The main features of this course include various things such as several assignments and tests to keep a check on the student’s progress, textbooks are also provided to help the students, activities and educational trips are organized so that students enrolled in this course can not only study but have a good time as well.


Credited certificates are given at the end of the course to prove that these students have taken a proper course for Arabic language and lastly, a detailed report on the condition of scientific study is given as well. For contact and further help, give a call on this number +966563026845 or email at [email protected]!

JCEC (Jeddah Cultural Exchange Center): The layout of the lessons provided in this center is very helpful. The price of the public course provided by JCEC is SR 2500 each level, for the private course it is SR 150 per hour and for a corporate course, it is SR 70 per hour and for a single person. This course also has 12 levels and includes various things.

Some of it is conversing in this specific language for practice, day to day assignments, continuous reading, and writing practice, putting light mainly on vocabulary betterment, having multimedia presentations for a fun-filled and interactive session, doing a follow up on the last class’s assignment and lecture.

Most importantly, inducting each class with a different case and scene to make it seems more interesting for students as language learning can be a boring and difficult process for most people.

These activities make the sessions more enjoyable while increasing the interaction between students and instructors and, at the same time, making them learn the Arabic language. For contact and further help, contact [email protected]


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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.