Best American auto auctions

American auctions have made the process of buying a car as easy as shopping in online stores. Add to this the opportunity to buy a car cheaper, in the technical condition you need and with delivery, and you get the formula for the popularity of auctions. In our review we will tell you about the most popular US auctions.

Most of the auto auctions are online. Online auctions are specialized platforms where different types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, etc. are traded. Auctions can cooperate with individuals or only with dealers, with the latter requiring a special commercial license.

Best American auto auctions

While the rules for participating in different online auctions may vary slightly, the basic principles remain the same:

  • Create an account on the online auction website.
  • Search for the desired vehicle using filters and analyzing the visual and technical information provided by the seller.
  • Bidders bid and the highest bidder wins the auction.
  • After winning the auction, the buyer is obliged to pay the price of the car within the time limits set by the rules. Then the buyer picks up the car himself or orders its delivery to the specified address.

There are auctions with open and closed bidding. The former allow you to buy or sell a car at a price determined by the market. Closed auctions are intended for licensed participants, but with the help of special platforms ordinary participants can also access their lots.

PLC Auction

Top 5 best auto auctions from the USA

Our review includes:

  • Copart
  • PLC Auction
  • Iaii
  • Adesa
  • Manheim


Copart accepts vehicles for its auctions from individuals, certified dealers, insurance and leasing companies, banks, various legal entities and charitable organizations. Unlike well-known auctions such as Manheim and IAAI, Copart is open to all buyers, whether they are businesses or individuals. However, individuals have restrictions: they can only buy lots in the “No License Required” category. They are about a third of all lots in the auction. To be able to buy any lots, individuals can contact an accredited dealer.

Unlike other auctions, Copart accepts vehicles for bidding in the condition in which the owner surrendered them. They are not checked for serviceability, repaired or restored.

Let’s focus on the main advantages of Copart:

  • Large volume of vehicle offerings. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are offered for sale at auction.
  • Copart operates online, allowing users to bid on vehicles from the comfort of their home or office.
  • Copart operates in many countries, giving bidders access to a large fleet of vehicles from around the world.
  • Thanks to bidding, prices on Copart are generally lower than traditional dealerships, making it the choice for those looking to save money.

PLC Auction

The company has been providing its services for more than 10 years. The online marketplace is rich in functionality, its interface is intuitive, and the site itself is available in several languages: English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, and even Arabic.

To access the site, a simple registration is required, after which the user is able to participate in auctions and perform other actions provided by the system. To participate in the auction, the user makes a deposit of 10% of the value of the selected car.

The platform is an aggregator, thanks to which users have access to lots offered at 55 different auctions around the world, including Canada, the United States, South Korea, the UAE and Europe. The platform’s database contains about 2 million bids.

Prior to purchase, a bidder can order a vehicle inspection. There are two ways to inspect an American car: by VIN to find out the vehicle’s operating history, or by ordering a “live” inspection of the car by the company’s inspectors.

The platform provides an opportunity to buy cars not only by participating in the auction, but also at a fixed price. For users, the buying process is very simple: you choose a car, make a deposit, and make a bid. If the bid is the highest, the company will not only organize the delivery of your car to the destination, but will also assist in the execution of all necessary documents.

Car delivery is performed by sea: in containers or on deck, depending on the condition of the car. The cost of delivery depends on the method and destination.


Our rating “The best American auto auctions” continues the site IAAI (Insurance Auto Auctions IAA) – the second in the U.S. auction by the number of sold cars, with a daily turnover of sales of 80 thousand vehicles. The main specialization of the IAAI auction is the sale of used cars from insurance companies.

The auction is attended by insurance companies and firms specializing in the restoration of cars after accidents. The history of the IAAI auction began in the late 20s of the last century with an ordinary car junkyard, but the company continued to develop and expand the scope of its activities. 

Today the auction has more than 150 trading sites, and the annual turnover of the company exceeds 50 billion dollars. A special feature of the IAAI auction is the presence of its own division for repairing damaged cars. 

At the IAAI auction you can find both ready-to-use cars (running) and cars with minor damage, written off or intended for spare parts. Both legal entities and individuals can participate in the auction (some lots are realized at open auctions).


Auction for licensed dealers who buy cars in bulk on a trade-in basis. Bids on lots are accepted online, and the site carries out a thorough inspection of each car before it is sold. For this purpose, a technical inspector is involved, who makes a conclusion about the condition of the car. He also determines the estimated value of the car, after which it is sent to the auction.

Among the lots there are many cars after accidents, “drowned” and cars that have been vandalized. All such facts are openly indicated in the description of the lot. If necessary, it is possible to order a car wash or perform minor repairs.

Adesa is an online auction site with more than 3,000 vehicles, including vans, trucks, and cars, listed daily. Three decades ago, the company started with a few marketplaces, but today Adesa has grown into a large network with offices not only in the U.S., but also outside the country. 


Unlike other auctions, here you will be offered only complete cars. As a rule, these are cars in excellent technical condition, with no history of accidents. In other words, it is almost impossible to find a car with serious damage at Manheim.

The auction includes vehicles without mileage, but with expired warranty, confiscated cars, such as cars from carsharing companies, leased vehicles.

Searching for a car at Manheim Auction is optimized thanks to the presence of a large number of filters, and a large range of vehicles allows you to find a car of the right make, model, year of manufacture and equipment. Many lots at Manheim Auction are presented from banks, leasing and insurance companies that are interested in selling vehicles quickly. Therefore, the price of the cars on display is very attractive.

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