10 Unique Benefits of working at Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world and contributes 25% of the world’s daily oil supplies. This company is a world leader in exploration, production, distribution and marketing and Saudi Aramco is a single hydrocarbon network in the world. Its headquarters is in Dhahran. Saudi Aramco is also managing Fourth largest natural gas reserves in the world and it has several global partnerships, a joint venture. The company offers highest and attractive salary packages to its employees. Saudi Aramco is the best organization of the World regarding its standard, quality, security, safety, facility and other benefits etc. We have listed down some benefits of working at Saudi Aramco below.[irp]

Insurance, savings and retirement plans: An employee of Saudi Aramco gets a complete package of attractive retirement and savings plans and insurance policy options, or annually cash amount equal to 17 to 19 percent of the employee’s base salary.

Company holidays: Besides annual vacations employees also get the extra 2 to 4 holidays as well.

Educational assistance: The Company also offers schooling facility to the dependents of the employees moreover tuition fee and traveling costs for private school systems also incurred by the company

Annual vacation: Employees are eligible for paid vacation annually for 38 days plus an extra 2 to 4 travel days.

Basic salary: Salary is the main important aspect for every employee. The base salary of employees fixed according to the job description, job specification, and responsibility level. This basic salary competes for the other standard salaries of different industries. The company offers competitive base salary and compensation packages to attract and retain expertise.

Shipment of personal items: At the end of the job contract the company also pays the shipping cost of personal items that incurred from the employee’s home country of Saudi Arabia.

Repatriation allowance:  Repatriation means to returning a person to their citizen and expatriates are given annually for travel expenses from Saudi Arabia to their home country, is repatriation allowance

Allowance for services and commodities: Service and commodities allowance is different from compensation package. It is an acknowledgment or cost paid by company May employees cause not to incur extra expenses while living in Saudi Arabia.

Relocation allowance: When an employee assigned to a different location to perform any specific task may be out of scheduled working hours, so an additional allowance is paid for that task monthly.

Multinational Tag: Once you have worked with Saudi Aramco which is truly the leader in crude oil exploration, you can look for a job in any other oil company of the world based upon this experience. This multinational tag works for you even when you search for jobs in Saudi Arabia.

Apart from these all benefits Saudi Aramco offers other several facilities to a genius employee like saving the plan, short and long-term disability plan. Employees may get the premium amount of payments for their medical and optional accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage etc.


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