7 Health Benefits of Safawi Dates

Safawi dates are soft, moist and utterly delicious dates that are grown in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. In this article, we have given some health benefits and nutrition value of Safawi dates and guided people about its price in Saudi Arabia.

These dates are dark black, look and taste like Medjool dates. Safawi dates are highly demanded by the people of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world due to its health benefits and delicious taste, however, its price is still low. Recommended: 10 Best Types of Dates in Saudi Arabia

Health Benefits of Safawi Dates

  1. Relief from constipation

The greatest health benefit of Safawi dates is its great nutrition value as it contains nutrients such as Iron and Calcium. It tends to provide 1% Iron and 1% calcium per 20g of serving. It is also rich in fibers sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium.

A good amount of nutrients help in keeping the stomach healthy, so much that those suffering from constipation get instant relief.

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  1. Cure to intestinal disorders

A great health benefit of Safawi dates is that it helps cure intestinal disorders through its nutrition such as iron and calcium. A medium sized date is a rich source of Iron and calcium which helps in curing the intestinal disorders and even helps in preventing these disorders to take place.

  1. Good for the heart

A health benefit of eating Safawi dates for heart patients is that they keep the heart healthy and strong. The date is full of energy and low in fats (0%), making it a heart-friendly food. It keeps the heart muscles strong and helps enjoy a healthy heart. Incorporating these dates in the diet also helps in curing heart problems.

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  1. Healthy for anemic patients

Anemic patients often have to eat loads of medicine and go through expensive treatments. Another health benefit of Safawi dates is that it has a cure for anemia. Regular intake of these dates by Anemic patient would help them tackle the disease, Insha Allah.

  1. Addressing sexual dysfunctional

The great nutrition value of Safawi dates helps to address certain sexual dysfunctions which is an amazing health benefit of these dates. Certain sexual dysfunctional arise due to poor diet and lack of certain nutrients. Being a healthy source of nutrients, these dates has the capability to address certain types of sexual problems.

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  1. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the worst types of abdominal issues which can lead to severe dehydration. Prolonged diarrhea can put at stake life of the victim. Also, diarrhea needs to be cured instantly as it shrinks down the veins and stomach causing life-long aftermaths.

Another health benefits of eating Safawi dates is that it helps to cure diarrhea. A balanced amount of fiber and nutrients helps cure diarrhea instantly.

  1. Abdominal Cancer

One of the most astonishing health benefits of incorporating Safwai dates in the diet is that the abdomen remains the healthy and the worst type of abdominal diseases such as Abdominal cancer can be cured. 

It is because of these amazing health benefits of Safawi dates and its nutritions value that health specialists have declared that eating these dates on a regular basis is a must for enjoying a healthy life!

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Safawi vs Medjool Dates

People often draw a comparison between Safawi vs Medjool dates as both of these dates are high in iron and calcium and very sweet to eat. However, considering the high level of sweetness in Medjool dates, diabetic patients try to avoid it. We have written a detailed article on this topic in another post.

The Price of Safawi Dates in Saudi Arabia

If you have been living in Saudi Arabia, you must be interested to know the price of Safawi dates in Saudi Arabia. Well, the price varies from the region to region. However, you will find the cheapest price of Safawi dates in the city of Madina where it costs around SR 35 per Kg.

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