Belly dance classes in Saudi Arabia for SR3,000 – Real or fake?

An advertise poster with a picture of famous Egyptian belly dancer, Fifi Abdo, went viral on social media, which claimed that soon a belly dance training institute will be conducted in Jeddah.

The poster read as “Registration is open for both men and women; the course is open for registration from February 17 to 25 at a cost of SR 3,000 ($800). Participants will receive an accredited certificate.”

This post was not less than a shock to the whole nation. It was impossible for them to think for such activities in the conservative Kingdom. They could not believe that this was going to happen in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia security authorities launched an investigation into a fake poster purporting to offer oriental dances training sessions for men and women. The poster contains complete information on with the name of famous celebrity and registration fees.

Nobody could ever think this type of poster could be fake, but the reality was that the advertising poster was posted by some social media user.  The next day, Makkah Province officials dismissed the poster and said this poster is a prank or a hoax and insisted that this poster is totally unreliable.

They further warned the citizen who posted such poster and said the investigation was launched to query the reality and those who will be found guilty will have to face punishment under the cybercrime law.

A government body that licenses and govern all entertainment events held in Saudi Arabia was not mentioned on the ad poster. Neither the famous dancer Fifi Abdo, nor the Saudi Kingdom’s entertainment authorities officially advertised the event.

Fahad Mahmood a legal consultant said, this belly dance poster and its circulation on the social media comes under the cybercrime law and whoever commits a cybercrime would be sentenced to imprisonment for up to five years and would have to pay a fine of about SR 3,000,000, or will have to face any other harsh punishment.

In this case, many of the users had the same school of thought declaring this act of hoax as an act to slow down or put an end to the new era the Kingdom is setting foot in accordance with the new laws and Vision 2030 launched by Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently crossed the threshold of advancement and new era which of course is not acceptable to the enemies. They are trying to create tension and enmity within the society to slow down the efforts to open up society and make it more vibrant and developed for Saudi citizens.

While other citizens who were interested took the advertising poster too seriously and planned for their registration. Many citizens contacted with the email address printed on the poster but all their emails were bounced back and hence it was proved that it was a fake poster.

Social media is a platform where everyone gets to speak up and share their views and get their voice heard. Unfortunately, some people misuse this particular place just for the sake of fun or brainwash the nation under the influence of foreign or internal anti-state powers. This should be stopped now.

Source: Gulf News

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