Bello Abu-Bakr: 93-year-old Nigerian who had 107 wives and 203 children

Old age is a time period in one’s life where most people are not much concerned about worldly desires. This is a time where they do not deem world important. And that’s quite natural, everyone has to die sooner or later. But old age is a time where a person thinks that the time to reunite with the Divine is near. Thereby he focuses on a life hereafter and is less concerned about the worldly life.

Also, those who have lived quite a few years are no more interested in the worldly happenings anymore. It would be rare to find an 80-year-old man interested in the latest movie out there. Similarly, you would rarely find an 80-year-old lady interested in her looks, physique, and dress. [irp]

Also as time passes, a person loses both his physical abilities and mental capacity. Old age people, therefore, are less likely to take interest in the happenings around them. Yet the world is surely full of surprises. A 93-year-old Nigerian man has been all over the news these days.

Mohammed Bello Abu-Bakr was a 93 years old man holding a Nigerian nationality and resided in Nigeria. He had been reported to Marry 97 women and was a father to 203 children. The BBC has confirmed the report. The BBC has also disclosed that Mohammed Bello Abu-Bakr had actually married 107 times and divorced 10 of his wives.

BBC has also informed that in 2008, the Nigerian court looked up into the case of multiple marriages of Mohammed Bello Abu-Bakr and thereby forced him to divorce 82 of his wives. At that time, he had 86 wives. The court allowed him to hold 4 wives at a time, yet he refused to obey the court’s order. 

He used to say that many hate him as he was blessed by God. People envy him for what God has already done for him and what He is doing in present for him. He further added: “What I am doing is divine. It is an assignment and I will keep doing it until the end”.

Ganiat Mohammed Bello, who had been married to him for 20 years when she spoke to the BBC in 2008, said she met him when she was in secondary school and her mother took her for a consultation with him. He proposed afterward, she said.

Mohammed Bello Abubakar, known as Baba Masaba, died at his home in central Niger state on January 28, 2017, after an undisclosed illness. A large crowd attended his funeral on 29th Jan 2017.

In the following news report by Al Jazeera TV, Bello Abu-Bakr and his family were interviewed. There were allegations upon Bello Abu-Bakr that he had been keeping his family as slaves but after watching this interview, you would realize that they were living very happily.

Source: BBC

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