What is the meaning of being kissed in a dream?

A dream of being kissed or kissing your husband, girlfriend, or someone else, or kissing a dead person has a special meaning as per Islam.

1- Seeing yourself being kissed in a dream means that the dreamer shall benefit from the one who kissed him. The dreamer shall learn something from them or get guidance from them.

being kissed in a dream islam

2- As per Islam, if a man sees himself being kissed by a woman passionately, it means that the lady will get what she wants from that man.

3- Kissing a known dead person in a dream shows that one will get benefits from him such as inheritance or gain knowledge. If the dead person is unknown, it means that surplus money will come to him from literally out of nowhere!

4- However, a sick person kissing a dead one in a dream shows that he or she will die soon as per Islam.

5- If a man sees himself kissing a married woman, it shows that he would become a friend of her husband.

6- Kissing someone’s eye in a dream suggests that the dreamer intends to pursue a life of both heterosexual and homosexual. Such a dream is a warning for them that they shall not engage in any of such activities and control their desires as if they do not do so they shall be punished with a painful disease.

7- Kissing someone loved in a dream (such as husband, wife, parents, brother, sister) shows that one will receive money in the future.

8- Kissing a young woman in a dream shows that the dreamer desires to get married to her. If the woman is unknown, it simply represents the desire to get married.

9- Kissing an old woman in a dream shows that the dreamer has said something which was the result of a slip of the tongue and now he regrets it.

10- Kissing a child in a dream represents the dreamer’s love for that specific child or overall for children.

11- Seeing yourself kissing a servant in a dream shows that the servant is seeking friendship from his master.

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Disclaimer: The material used for the interpretation of dreams has been extracted from the Ibn Sirin book for dream interpretations. You can read the book here.

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