6 facts about Beer-e-Shifa in Madina

Beer-e-Shifa, a water well located around 97 kilometers from Madina is associated with a miracle of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Visitors from all over the world come to witness the well.

The Background of the well

It is said that the Beer-e-Shifa well was dug to assist Muslim travelers traveling for Hajj and Umrah. However, after digging, Sahaba found out that its water was bitter and unhealthy.

People drinking its water would get ill. Moreover, the water was so bitter and salty that even animals could not drink it.

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The water turned sweet by a miracle

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was informed about the bitterness and unhealthiness of water extract from the Beer-e-Shifa well. He spitted his saliva in the well and from that time onwards, the water became sweet and healthy.

Water has Shifa for its drinkers

People believe that the water extracted from Beer-e-Shifa well is blessed water and has healing properties. Those who drink water from it tend to get healthy.

The 1400 years old well still spurs healthy and sweet water. Indeed, it is a miracle of Allah. It is only 15-20 meters deep.

Beer-e-Shifa Location

How is the well water extracted?

A motor has been attached to the well which extracts water from the Beer-e-Shifa and people can fill their bottles from there. The tanks are attached with beer-e-Shifa which stores the water.

Beer-e-Shifa Hadith

Beer-e-Shifa Location

If you are traveling from Madina to Jeddah through the route where the battle of Badr took place, you can easily visit this well. This well is around 97 km far from the Masjid al Nabawi.

Beer-e-Shifa Hadith

Since the whole story of the Beer-e-Shifa well looks like a fairytale, we tried to fine the Hadith related to this. Unfortunately, we could not find it. If you have any information related to this, you can share it in the comments below with the reference of the Hadith.

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