4 facts about Beer-e-Shifa in Madina

Beer-e-Shifa is one of the most famous wells in Saudi Arabia. It is located in Madinah and is associated with the miracle of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. It is located in Ayla, which is approximately 80 kilometers from Madinah.

It is a place where visitors from all over the world come to witness the well. They are excited to see for themselves the truth of the tale they have been hearing regarding it. It is a blissful sight to witness a well that is a miraculous one. The Hajj and Umrah pilgrims make out an effort to see the well. Recommended: Places to visit in Madina

The city of Madinah is known for its sweetness and refreshed the air. Let us give you a brief insight into the story of Aab-e-Shifa extracted from Beer-e-Shifa;

  1. The Background of the well

It is said that Beer-e-Shifa well was dug to assist Muslim travelers. The Muslims who would travel for Hajj and Umrah would get thirsty and required water.

This well was dug, but unfortunately, its water was bitter and unhealthy. People who would drink its water would get ill. Also, its water was way too bitter and salty. Even the animals could not drink water.

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  1. The water turned sweet by a miracle

It is further said that once Prophet Muhammad S.A.W was informed about the bitterness and unhealthiness of water extract from Beer-e-Shifa well.

He PBUH thereby spat in the water which allowed the water to become sweet and healthy. The water was believed to be poisonous, but now it has become sweet and healthy.

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  1. Water has Shifa for its drinkers

The well water of beer-e-Shifa is blessed water and has healing properties. Those who drink water from it tend to get healthy. The water is served to the ills so that they get healthy. The 1400 years old well still spurs healthy and sweet water. Indeed, it a miracle of Allah. It is only 15-20 meters deep.

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  1. How is the well water stored?

A motor has been attached with the well: a man fills in the water in bottles and sells them. The tanks are attached with beer-e-Shifa which stores the water.

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  1. The location of Beer-e-Shifa

Many people are interested to know the location of Beer-e-Shifa and therefore, we have given the location link below. Just to add some further information, if you are traveling from Madina to Jeddah through the route where the battle of Badr took place, you can easily visit this well. Beer-e-Shifa is around 97 km far from the Masjid al Nabawi.

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