10 facts about the battle of Karbala

Karbala is one of the most popular sites of Islamic history. The battle of Karbala tends to make the eyes of Muslim watery and hearts heavy. Karbala is a place located in Iraq. The battle of Karbala was fought in 60A.H.

The battle of Karbala was fought among the small army of Hussain bin Ali R.A who is the grandson of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and the Umayyad Caliph named Yazeed ibn Muawiya who was equipped with a large army. Recommended: Battles of Islam

  1. Yazeed ibn Muawiya became the Caliph in 60 A.H

Yazeed ibn Muawiya became the Caliph in 60 A.H after his father Muawiyah R.A died. His rule was based in Damascus. 

A divide was seen among the Muslim community: Hussain R.A. and Abdullah bin Zubair were of the view that Yazeed ibn Muawiya should not continue to be the Caliph.

Abdullah bin Umar and Abdullah bin Abbas R.A were of the view that he shall not be overthrown as this would lead to a chaotic situation.

  1. Hussain R.A was in Makkah

Hussain R.A was in Makkah. There he received a lot of letters from the people of Kufa. The people pleaded him to restore the unity of the Muslim community by removing Yazeed ibn Muawiya.

Hussain could not ignore the matter as the letters of plea had reached a number greater than 100.

  1. Hussain R.A left for Kufa trusting on the people of Kufa

On receiving the news, Hussain along with his family and relatives formed a small group and left for Kufa. 

Abdullah bin Abbas requested Hussain R.A. not to trust the people of Kufa. Yet Hussain left as he could not ignore the plead of people. 

  1. Yazeed ibn Muawiya overthrew the governor of Kufa

While he was on his way things had gotten worse. Yazeed ibn Muawiya had overthrown the governor of Kufa and his newly appointed governor was instructed to heavily charge those who are against Yazeed ibn Muawiya. 

When people saw this, they started to obey Yazeed ibn Muawiya leaving Hussain R.A alone. These unfaithful people on the orders of Yazeed ibn Muawiya formed an army and missioned to capture or kill Hussain!

  1. People of Kufa stood against Hussain R.A

When Hussain R.A. reached Kufa, the people stood against him. He even produced those letters which they had themselves written to him, yet these people had no shame and were determined to capture Hussain dead or alive.

  1. Hussain R.A saw Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in a dream

On this Hussain asked them to not to hold fight on the night of Ashura. The night of blessing shall be spent in worship. He and his carven worshiped at that night.

He also called his sister named Zainab not to get depressed and cry after he gets martyred as his martyrdom would let him earn a greater rank.

On the very night, he saw Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in his dream telling him to remain patient as he is to join him shortly.

5063 10 facts about the battle of Karbala

  1. The battle of Karbala

In the morning the caravan was attacked by the mighty army.  The fight was bloody when in which one after one the members of the caravan faced death. Hussain fought till the time he could.

It was the time of Jumma prayer when Hussain asked his enemies to halt the fight so that he could offer his prayers. Yet they refused, and Hussain offered his prayers through signs.

  1. The head of Hussain R.A was detached from his body

Soon Shimr Zil Jawshan hit his head and caused his head to detach from his body. His dead body was poorly treated: some cursed people along their horses rode over it.

The people not only killed him but also became enemy of his family, they did not show mercy to children either. It is reported that Zain ul Abideen was able to survive because he was left behind due to his illness.

5063 10 facts about the battle of Karbala 01

  1. Everyone involved in Battle of Karbala died soon

His blessed head was served to the governor of Kufa named Ubaidullah Ibn Ziyad who acknowledged the beauty of it. He disrespected it by touching it through a stick.

  • Yet he himself died exactly six years later and his head was presented to Mukhtar ibn Abi Ubaid.
  • Shortly after three years Yazeed ibn Muawiya also faced death. It is reported that all the murderers lived a miserable life and died shortly.

5063 10 facts about the battle of Karbala 02

  1. The death of Hussain R.A saddened Madina

Hussain R.A was martyred in the battle of Karbala, yet he has won the war. There is a great lesson to be learned from this battle to not to accept the wrongdoing, no matter how powerful your enemy is.

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