The tale Battle of Ghazwa Uhud – 16 facts

This is the tale of the battle of Uhud, the second Ghazwa of Islam, where Muslims paid a heavy cost for not following the orders of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Ghazwa Uhad date

Ghazwa Uhad took place on the 📍 mount Uhud on the 🗓️ 7th Shawwal, Hijri 3, corresponding to March 23, 625 AD. It was the second battle of Islam after the battle of Badr.

  • Ghazwa means a battle fought by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ himself.

Quraish Army

After the disbelievers were defeated in the battle of Badr, they wanted to throw another fight and overcome the humiliation of the defeat. Quraish built a massive army comprised of;

  • 3000 soldiers 🤺.
  • 300 camels 🐪.
  • 200 horses 🐎.
  • 700 armor 🧥.

Leaders of the Makkah army

Abu Sufyan was a non-Muslim at that time and was leading the army of Makkah in the battle of Uhud.

Hind, the wife of Abu Sufyan was leading the women who came to enjoy the death of those who had killed their men.

Ikrimah bin Abu Jahl and Khalid bin Waleed, who had not accepted Islam then, commanded the left and right flank, respectively.

Another surprising fact about the battle of Uhud is that most of these leaders embraced Islam later.

Muslim Army

On the other hand, Muslims were able to build an army of only 700 men 🤺. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ led the military to Uhud Valley from Madinah.

Zubair bin al-Awwam رضي الله عنه and Mundhir bin Amr رضي الله عنه were the commanders of the right and left wing respectively.

Hamza رضي الله عنه, the fearless warrior and an uncle to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, was given the post of the advance guard.

Masjid Shaikhain

Masjid Shaikhain marks the spot where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prayed salah on the eve of the battle of Uhud on the 🗓️ 7th Shawwal, Hijri 3, corresponding to March 23, 625 AD. All the preparations for the battle of Uhud took place here.

Masjid Shaikhain in Madina

Archers on the mountain

As per strategic planning, 50 archers 🏹were ordered to get positioned at the mountainside. This would help the Muslims to remain safe even if the disbelievers attacked them from the rear.

The leadership of these archers was bestowed on Abdullah bin Jubair رضي الله عنه.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ gave them special orders that they were not to leave their position until they got an order.

Remains of a Mosque

Many don’t know the fact about Mount Uhud that there are demolished remains of a mosque at the foot of the cave of Uhud. On the day of the Battle of Uhud, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ offered the Duhr prayer here. Many Muslims visit this place to revive the tale of the battle of Uhud.

The collision of Armies

When the two armies came face to face, and the battle started, the Muslims were able to dominate non-believers.

Abu Dujanah رضي الله عنه Hamza رضي الله عنه fearlessly approached the enemy to wipe them out. Muslims were winning the battle in the beginning.

Eating the liver of Hamza

Hamza رضي الله عنه was martyred by an Abyssinian slave named Wahshi bin Harb. He was a slave of Jubayr bin Mutim, who promised him freedom for killing Hamza رضي الله عنه.

Losing Hamza رضي الله عنه was a significant loss, but it did not make Muslims down. They fought with the same bravery and courage.

Hind, the wife of Abu Sufyan was seen chewing the liver of Hamza رضي الله عنه, which was too painful for Muslims.

Muslims were able to make the enemy feel they had lost another battle, and most of them had run away from the battlefield. The victory was becoming the fate of Muslims, yet a tragic incident occurred.

Muslim Archers disobeyed

The archers 🏹 who were ordered not to leave their positions disobeyed their orders. The most regretful fact is that out of 50 archers, 40 exited their positions and approached Mount Uhud.

They were sure that the battle was over, yet it wasn’t. Their act made the Muslim army weak as they could not bear any counterattack.

The battle wasn’t over yet; the enemy had run away, and it could approach the battlefield again with a new strategy. The fact that this strategic position was emptied made Muslims lose the battle of Uhud.

Khalid bin Waleed attacked again

Khalid bin Waleed saw that archers had left their position, and now Muslims could not defend themselves against a counterattack. So, he and his men came back and attacked the Muslim army. 

The Muslims could not combat the sudden attack. They could not come up with another strategy to regain strength.

Muslims learned a lesson in the battle of Uhud that they have to obey the instructions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ no matter what the facts and requirements of the situation seem to be.

Prophet Muhammad was injured

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ got hit by a rock, which chipped his teeth, cut his lower lip, and damaged his helmet.

Meanwhile, Musab bin Umair رضي الله عنه, who greatly resembled Prophet Muhammad ﷺ,  was martyred by Abdullah bin Qam’a. He thought that he had killed Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and started to celebrate his victory.

Rumor it was, yet it let down the morale of the Muslim warriors. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ death was a great shock to them. In their despair, the enemy found them easy prey and killed a bunch of Muslims quickly.

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Prophet Muhammad was safe

The Muslims could only rejoice when Ka’b bin Malik رضي الله عنه saw Prophet Muhammad ﷺ injured but alive. 

The Muslims could return to reality. After a while, 30 Muslims circled Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and led him to a higher place on the mount of Uhud as it is a fact that attacking someone who is at a higher position is difficult.

Muslims called for a retreat.

Many Muslims are not aware of the fact about the battle of Uhud that Muslims called for a retreat at the mount Uhud. It was a wise decision to leave the battlefield and retreat as it saved Muslims from further losses.

Masjid Mustarah

After taking heavy life losses in the battle of Uhud, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ rested and prayed at the place where Masjid Mustaraha is constructed today.

The meaning of Mustarah is to ‘take rest.’ This site was an important strategic location for the security of Madina and is now an essential ziyarat place.

Battle of Uhud Summary

If you take the summary of the battle of Uhud, the Muslims could not emerge victorious because of their disobedience. They let the victory slip out of their hands. If the archers had maintained their positions, the enemy could not have wiped them away in a counterattack. 

If you keep the summary, story, and facts of the battle of Uhud in your mind, the visit to the mount of Uhud becomes a great one. The whole story gets refreshed!

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