SR 840,000 transferred from my bank without my knowledge

A story has recently been reported from Riyadh where a Saudi man has filed a complaint against his local bank. He claims that the bank had been allegedly making several financial transactions, amounting up to SR 840,000 via an account that had been registered under his name.

He added that a sum of SAR 35,000 has been given to several beneficiaries per month without either his consent or knowledge. 

The Saudi claims that he was only able to discover the scam when he approached the bank to open up a new bank account for his use.

However, he was told that he already had 1 bank account under his name in this bank. The Saudi man Badr Almalafekh spoke to the local media and issued this statement. 

There was another case where the bank customer accused the bank of withdrawing installments on loan twice within one month.

The man, Abdulaziz Al Otaibi states that he waited for 3 months for him to get any income as the bank would withdraw the installments on a monthly basis and also the remainder account of the salary.

Source: Arab News

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