Bahrain woman arrested for destroying Ganesh idols

A woman in Bahrain has been arrested for causing intentional damage to the Lord Ganesha idol 🗿in a superstore. The woman has not only desecrated the idol but also publicly insulted a religious symbol and the Hindu community.

Legal action against the woman

The woman who is in her 50 was summoned after the video of her deed went viral. The video was recorded in a supermarket in the Jufair region in the capital Manama.

In the video, the woman is seen standing near the rack where Lord Ganesha’s idols are displayed for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

At first, she shouted at the shopkeeper in Arabic to which he replied “what is the problem, I am also a Muslim.”

The woman can be seen in the video picking up the Hindu’s Lod Ganesh idols one by one and slamming them on the floor. Capital police took legal action against the woman. The Ministry of Interior Bahrain referred the woman to public prosecution.

The woman accepted that she desecrated the idols. Now the woman is charged with criminal damage. A lawsuit has been filed against her and she will be tied in court.

Social Media outrage

The video was posted on social media where it sparked outrage. Some people presented their thoughts saying all Muslims are under the rage, hatred, and radar of Islamophobia because of such revolting hatred in such Muslims for other religions.

On the other side, some people also thanked the capital police for taking simultaneous legal action against the woman.

The reaction of the King’s advisor

Khalid Al Khalifa the advisor to the King of Bahrain and former foreign minister, condemned the woman’s act saying, “Breaking religious symbol is not the quality of Bahrain people.

It is a crime and it expresses an extraneous and rejected hatred. In Bahrain, all religions, sects, and people coexist.”

Source: MOI Bahrain

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