Baghpat, India where women marry multiple husbands

Female Infanticide and female foeticides are two uncontrolled and common things in India, despite the fact that it is illegal. This is indeed depressing but a bitter truth that India has a terribly highest record of female infanticide in this modern era.

The two forms are the worse form of violence against women, but it is practiced in India. Because of Indian favored treatment for men and also because women are taken quite expensive as they have to pay huge dowry at the time of their marriage.

Shortage of wives in Baghpat

It has given birth to several problems like shortage of wives, they are treated like sex slaves and are forced to marry more than one man at a time, women trafficking, violence, and discrimination.

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The problem was highlighted when a 17-year-old Majida was married to a lorry driver in Baghpat district in an Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. She expressed that she was forced to act as a wife for two of her husband brothers, on her refusal, she was raped and assaulted. She expressed that the three brothers come on different days and have their turn.

This trend is known as forced polyandry which is being practiced in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh caused by the growing gender imbalance and shortage of women in different states of the country. The women are brought from poverty-stricken families. They are officially married to one brother but asked to act as the wife of several other brothers or cousins of the same family.

The UNO has also issued a warning about Baghpat

The Baghpat district in Uttar Pradesh was also warned by the United Nations in 2014 as it was facing the core Indian gender imbalance crisis at that time.

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The 2011 Indian census showed only 856 females to 1000 men and many NGO’s combating female foeticide believe that the 2021 census will show the female ration over men declined further because some studies in different states of India showed that none of the children born in 132 villages were girls which is an alarming situation.

The men to women ratio in India

The UN population fund (UNFPA) notes that biologically the normal sex ratio in any country should vary from 102 males per 100 females but in India, this ratio stands at 120 males per 100 females.

The Indian Government and child rights activists are trying to fight the issue. They have banned sex-selective abortions, financial benefits schemes were introduced to encourage families to have a girl child.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also launched campaigns like (Save the girl child and educate her) but indeed, parents have to cooperate with this in order to tackle the situation because these schemes and laws will only work with the cooperation of the nation.

Not the first time in India

The story of uncommon marriages in India is not something new. Recently, we have shared a story of an 18-years old girl who married a dog. 70 people were invited to the wedding which included family members. Lunch was served to them; all marriage rituals were conducted. Watch the video.

In another post, we shared a story of Rajo Verma who is married to 5 real brothers together. She sleeps with a different brother every night. She has no idea which man the father of her toddler son is. Watch her interview.

In another story, we covered 3 real sisters who are married to one man in India. The man named Krishna is married to three blood sisters named Shoba, Reena, and Pinki. They have 6 children together.

Source: Gulf News

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