What are the baby delivery charges in Saudi Arabia?

Pregnant women without medical insurance or on family visit visas should budget the baby delivery charges in Saudi Arabia. Here is a rough estimate of the normal and cesarean delivery costs in Saudi Arabia.

  • Does family visit visa insurance cover pregnancy? NO.

What to do if you don’t have medical insurance?

If you are planning the delivery of your baby in Saudi Arabia while your wife does not have insurance or she is here on a family visit visa, you should;

  • Consult other women in your community about the hospital to visit.
  • Look for a small polyclinic unless there is any medical complication.
  • Don’t go to a high-class hospital (they would rip you off).
  • Discuss the money constraint with the doctor.
  • Finalize a delivery package for both normal and cesarean cases.

Delivery Charges in Saudi Arabia

Although many factors may have an impact on it, the following are the average baby delivery charges in Saudi Arabia.

  • Normal Delivery cost: around SR 3,500 to SR 5,000.
  • Cost of Cesarean Delivery: around SR 7,000 to SR 10,000.

baby delivery charges in saudi arabiaKeep in mind that this cost does not cover the fee for the regular follow-ups and checkups during pregnancy. 

  • Pregnancy Checkup: SR 100/visit.

Once the baby is born, you will have to follow the procedure to get iqama for a newborn baby in Saudi Arabia.

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