Baby born in India with 3 heads

Indian media has reported the birth of a baby girl with 3 heads in a private healthcare facility in Uttar Pradesh.

The mother claims that she suffered unnatural pain and was thereby rushed to the hospital. The child is underdeveloped, according to the doctors.

The mother and the child have been shifted to Etah District Hospital. It is expected that the child will go through required surgeries and medical investigations.

Explanation to three heads

According to doctors, this is an abnormal formation of the head that has been caused by a rare congenital medical condition called encephalocele. The reason for this is unknown.

Yet, the doctors claim that some brain tissues and structures are formed outside the skull, and thus, it takes a shape of a head.

How does Encephalocele occur?

Well, Encephalocele is a rare disease. The data shows that every year out of 12,200 babies born in the US, 1 is a victim of such. It occurs when the neural tube. A Neural tube is a narrow channel that folds and closes during pregnancy to form the brain.

Is there a treatment for it?

Multiple Surgeries are carried out to remove the extra head and to incorporate the brain parts into the skull. However, only a few warriors survive such a surgery.

The survival rate of children with this special condition is only 55%. The aftermath of the surgeries can be neuro-development issues.

How to avoid it during Pregnancy?

In order to avoid this condition, it is advised by CDC to take proper care during pregnancy and to take 400 micrograms of the B vitamin and folic acid, every day before and during early pregnancy.

Source: Gulf News

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