Babies are given to wrong families after the Birth in a Hospital in Dammam

“Children are given to the wrong families after birth” You must have read this line in several pieces on the internet. This error although a common one is extremely grave and must be paid great attention to.

In some of these cases, the error is found and corrected. In other cases, families raise a child and die without knowing that it was never theirs, but was instead mixed up with their child at the hospital.

A hospital here in Dammam has made a huge error of switching the babies at birth which caused the Directorate of the Health Affairs in the Eastern Province to start up an investigation of the incident.

This is not the first time you have heard of such a story. The staff of the hospital discovered their mistake and immediately called the parents of both children who were living in different cities, Al Qatif and Al Khobar.

Sources have stated that both families showed up to the hospital at around the same time to pick up their babies.

The parents of one of the babies had noticed that their newborn child did not have any sort of identification bracelet as well as any other information about them.

The family had some suspicion that the child was not theirs; however, the hospital staff reassured them that the baby was indeed theirs. Just a few hours after they had left the family was almost certain that the child was not theirs.

They hence called up the hospital and to their shock, they were told that the staff at the hospital had made a mistake and the wrong child was given to the wrong family.

The hospital, however, assured them that both families had been notified and they were on their way to the hospital. The family living in Al Khobar has filed a formal complaint at the police station.

The family has demanded that the individual who is responsible for this worrisome incident must be held accountable for it. 

The family added that the individual must also be held accountable for the difficult time that the mother and father of the child went through and the psychological shock and trauma that they have been through due to the mistake by one of the staff at the hospital.

The complaint made by the family has been referred to the Directorate of Health Affairs who has formed a team that is tasked with investigating the matter.

The hospitals must realize that they are one of the most important institutions in the entire world. It is safe to say that the hospitals are vital to human life in this day and age.

Any sort of error be it minor or grave like the one being discussed above, should not happen in the first place as the institution i.e. a hospital, is responsible for the lives of each patient that they admit or is born in their hospital.

Such incidents also prove to be a traumatic experience for the families.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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