Awful story – 33 Years old British Martyred of Makkah Incident who left behind parents and 4 children

As most of the world knows, last Friday an enormous construction crane broke and fell on top of the mosque of the Grand Mosque which caused the deaths of 111 plus Pilgrims from all over the world as well as injuries to 331 Pilgrims as well. The friends and families of all those who have passed away in the unfortunate crane incident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are slowly but surely coming to terms that their loved ones are no longer in this world. The family members and parents of Qasim Akram have been left devastated after the incident. Qasim Akram was a 33-year-old man and was a British National residing in Bolton. Qasim Akram has left behind four little children. Recommended: How Crane fell down in Makkah and took 111 lives and left 394 injured?

Qasim Akram had come to the Kingdom along with his parents to perform Hajj. Akram and his parents were together at the Grand Mosque when the incident took place; the parents reported that they were around 45 meters behind to Akram. They managed to remain unscratched. Both Parents and Akram had arrived in Makkah on the same Friday, in fact only a few hours prior to the occurrence of the tragedy which claimed several lives while also injuring several others. At the time the incident took place Makkah was experiencing bad weather which included lightning, strong winds, and heavy rain. Recommended: King Salman declares SR 1 million for each martyred and SR 500,000 for each injured

Akhtar Zaman, a local council for Halliwell located in the United Kingdom stated that he had known Akram personally. He added that Akram was pleasant, smiling, hardworking and always helpful. The counselor spoke to the British Media when he stated this. He added that he had met Akram only on Wednesday and stated that Akram had been looking forward to going for Hajj with his parents. He also stated that Akram was asking him for tops since he himself had gone for Hajj just last year. Recommended: King Salman Orders Special Vehicles for Hajis injured in Makkah Incident

Akhtar Zaman added that Akram hailed from a large family. He stated that Akram’s family has been left devastated right to the core. He has left behind 4 children, the youngest of which is approximately 1.5 to 2-year-old. Councilor Zaman stated that he has no words to describe the loss which has happened. He added that Akram had been an active member of the mosque too. Akram’s father was one of the founding members of the mosque. Akram had also helped with the running and day to day affairs of the mosque. Recommended: I will perform Hajj on behalf of Martyrs of Makkah Incident – Imam Sudais

Akram’s father was the secretary of the mosque and the entire family was very close knit. He states that Akram’s loss is indeed a huge one for the entire community. Travel Operator of Arif Haj and Umrah Services, Altaf Arif, was the one who had flown the family out on the same Friday.

Arif confirmed that he was indeed going for his first ever Hajj. Member of Parliament of South East Bolton, Yasmin Qureshi added that she was sad to hear about the death of the young man from Bolton. She added that her thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Source: Arab News

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