Average Salary of IT Jobs in Saudi Arabia

People working as cyber security engineers, and software developers want to know the average salary of IT jobs in Saudi Arabia.

1- Average Salary of a Documentation Specialist in Saudi Arabia is SR 2000/month.

2- The Salary of Help Desk Manager is SR 3000/month.

3- Average Salary of Computer Technician is SR 3172/month.

4- The Salary of Network Technician is SR 3226/month.

5- Average Salary of Database Developer is SR 4000/month.

6- The Salary of Computer Operator is SR 4350/month.

7- Average Salary of Software Support Engineer is SR 4565/month.

8- The Salary of Help Desk Support is SR 4791/month.

9- Average Salary of Systems Consultant is SR 4800/month.

10- The Salary of C# Developer is SR 5995/month.

11- Average Salary of User Experience Consultant is SR 6500/month.

12- The Salary of VB Developer in Saudi Arabia is SR 6500/month.

13- Average Salary of IT Administrator is SR 6533/month.

14- The Salary of 2nd Line Systems Engineer is SR 6780/month.

15- Average Salary of Webmaster is SR 7000/month.

16- The Salary of Network Administrator is SR 7060/month.

17- Average Salary of IT Support is SR 7351/month.

18- The Salary of Security Administrator is SR 7500/month.

19- Average Salary of Computer Animator is SR 7900/month.

20- The Salary of ABAP Developer is SR 8000/month.

21- Average Salary of Senior Oracle Developer is SR 8008/month.

22- The Salary of Network Engineer in Saudi Arabia is SR 8453/month.

23- Average Salary of NT Systems Administrator is SR 8500/month.

24- The Salary of Applications Systems Specialist is SR 9000/month.

25- Average Salary of Windows System Administrator is SR 9814/month.

26- The Salary of Network Specialist is SR 9833/month.

27- Average Salary of Network Analyst is SR 10000/month.

28- The Salary of SharePoint Administrator is SR 10000/month.

29- Average Salary of Security Analyst is SR 10083/month.

30- The Salary of Quality Specialist is SR 10275/month.

31- Average Salary of Database Analyst in Saudi Arabia is SR 10333/month.

32- The Salary of VB.NET Developer is SR 10367/month.

33- Average Salary of Technical Sales is SR 10980/month.

34- The Salary of C++ Developer is SR 11000/month.

35- Average Salary of Web Designer is SR 11333/month.

36- The Salary of Business Analyst is SR 11431/month.

37- Average Salary of Project Coordinator is SR 11450/month.

38- The Salary of Computer Engineer is SR 11779/month.

39- Average Salary of Java Developer is SR 11855/month.

40- The Salary of System Administrator is SR 11967/month.

41- Average Salary of Cyber Security Administrator is SR 12000/month.

42- The Salary of Software Developer / Programmer (General) in Saudi Arabia is SR 12017/month.

43- Average Salary of System Analyst is SR 12144/month.

44- The Salary of Software Engineer is SR 12318/month.

45- Average Salary of Sales Support Manager is SR 12611/month.

46- The Salary of Writer / Documenter is SR 13000/month.

47- Average Salary of Security Specialist is SR 13667/month.

48- The Salary of Senior Application Consultant is SR 14000/month.

49- Average Salary of Data Analyst is SR 14287/month.

50- Average Salary of Technical Manager is SR 14563/month.

51- The Salary of Software Sales is SR 14833/month.

52- Average Salary of IT Operations Manager is SR 15100/month.

53- The Salary of Security Manager is SR 15500/month.

54- Average Salary of SAP Consultant is SR 15900/month.

55- The Salary of SharePoint Consultant is SR 16000/month.

56- Average Salary of Database Administrator is SR 16500/month.

57- The Salary of Business Systems Analyst is SR 16667/month.

58- Average Salary of ERP / CRM – Technical Consultant is SR 16841/month.

59- The Salary of Data Warehousing Specialist is SR 17000/month.

60- Average Salary of Network Engineering Manager is SR 17250/month.

61- The Salary of Project Leader is SR 17600/month.

62- Average Salary of Consultant is SR 19379/month.

63- The Salary of AS400 Programmer is SR 20000/month.

64- Average Salary of Service Delivery Manager is SR 20000/month.

65- The Salary of IT Manager is SR 20038/month.

66- Average Salary of Business Process Consultant in Saudi Arabia is SR 20917/month.

67- The Salary of Business Intelligence Analyst is SR 21000/month.

68- Average Salary of Information Services Consultant is SR 21090/month.

69- The Salary of Technical Consultant is SR 21629/month.

70- Average Salary of Development Manager is SR 22050/month.

71- The Salary of PHP Developer is SR 22750/month.

72- Average Salary of Network Security Systems Manager in Saudi Arabia is SR 24000/month.

73- The Salary of Systems Architect is SR 25000/month.

74- Average Salary of Software Architect is SR 25000/month.

75- The Salary of Hardware Engineering Manager is SR 25,000/month.

76- Average Salary of Project Manager is SR 25648/month.

77- The Salary of Web Developer is SR 27083/month.

78- Average Salary of ERP Project Manager is SR 28048/month.

79- The Salary of IT Director is SR 30500/month.

80- Average Salary of Chief Information Technology Officer is SR 31,504/month.

81- The Salary of Enterprise Architecture Manager in Saudi Arabia is SR 35,313/month.

82- Average Salary of ERP Analyst is SR 35,400/month.

83- The Salary of Chief Information Security Officer is SR 37,917/month.

84- Average Salary of Sharepoint Developer is SR 39,500/month.

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