Average Salary of Engineers in Saudi Arabia

Engineers who want to work in Saudi Arabia are keen to know the average salary of an electrical, mechanical, or industrial engineer. Here are the average salaries;

Average Salary of Engineers

1- Average Salary of Equipment Engineer in Saudi Arabia is SR 7,000/month.

2- The Salary of Assembly Engineering Technician is SR 3,304/month.

3- Average Salary of Electrical Sales Engineer is SR 7,450/month.

4- The Salary of Biomedical Engineer is SR 7,850/month.

5- Average Salary of Manufacturing Engineer is SR 8,000/month.

Average Salary of Engineers in Saudi Arabia

6- The Salary of Quality Assurance Engineer is SR 7,356/month.

7- Average Salary of Highway Engineer is SR 6,625/month.

8- The Salary of Production Manager is SR 6,800/month.

9- Average Salary of Production Engineer is SR 6,950/month.

10- The Salary of Work Planner is SR 7,150/month.

11- Average Salary of Product Engineer is SR 7,600/month.

12- The Salary of Quality Control Engineer is SR 8,000/month.

13- Average Salary for Purchasing Engineer is SR 8,254/month.

14- The Salary of Industrial Engineer and Industrial Engineering Jobs is SR 8,300/month.

15- Average Salary of Senior Technical Support Engineer is SR 8,320/month.

16- The Salary of Senior Service Engineer is SR 8,500/month.

17- Average Salary of Principal Cost Engineer is SR 8,600/month.

18- The Salary of Maintenance Manager is SR 9,000/month.

19- Average Salary of Production Engineering Supervisor is SR 9,125/month.

20- The Salary of Equipment Engineer is SR 9,190/month.

21- Average Salary of Materials Engineer is SR 9,200/month.

22- The Salary of Technical Engineer is SR 9,517/month.

23- Average Salary of Project Director is SR 10,000/month.

24- The Salary of Field Engineer is SR 10,062/month.

25- Average Salary of Instrumentation Engineer is SR 10,542/month.

26- The Salary of Electrical Engineer is SR 10,603/month.

27- Average Salary of Production Engineer is SR 10,701/month.

28- The Salary of Industrial Engineer is SR 10,750/month.

29- Average Salary of Telecommunications Engineer is SR 10,970/month.

30- The Salary of Design Engineer is SR 11,654/month.

31- Average Salary of Electrical Engineering Manager is SR 11,781/month.

32- The Salary of HVAC Engineering is SR 12,178/month.

33- Average Salary of Senior Sales Engineer is SR 12,567/month.

34- The Salary of Senior Field Service Engineer is SR 12,948/month.

35- Average Salary of Mechanical Engineer and Mechanical Engineering Jobs is SR 13,520/month.

36- The Salary of Sales Engineer is SR 13,720/month.

37- Average Salary of Maintenance Engineer is SR 13,805/month.

38- The Salary of Project Engineer is SR 13,821/month.

39- Average Salary of Sales Engineer is SR 14,000/month.

40- The Salary of Structural Designer is SR 15,000/month.

41- Average Salary of Planning Engineer is SR 15,167/month.

42- The Salary of Engineer is SR 15,433/month.

43- Average Salary of Safety Engineer is SR 15,492/month.

44- The Salary of Senior Electrical Engineer is SR 15,629/month.

45- Average Salary of Civil Engineer and Civil Engineering Jobs in is SR 15,638/month.

46- The Salary of Manufacturing Engineer is SR 16,941/month.

47- Average Salary of Oil and Petrochemical Engineer is SR 16,963/month.

48- The Salary of Aerospace Engineer is SR 17,000/month.

49- Average Salary of Product Development Engineer in Saudi Arabia is SR 18,570/month.

50- The Salary of Generation Engineer is SR 18,600/month.

51- Average Salary of Transportation Engineer is SR 18,650/month.

52- The Salary of Process Engineer is SR 19,907/month.

53- Average Salary of Geotechnical Engineer is SR 20,833/month.

54- The Salary of Assistant Chief Engineer is SR 21,000/month.

55- Average Salary of Project Manager is SR 22,308/month.

56- The Salary of Marine Engineer is SR 25,000/month.

57- Average Salary of Electrical Engineering Manager in Saudi Arabia is SR 25,806/month.

58- The Salary of Mechanical Engineering Manager is SR 26,088/month.

59- Average Salary of Equipment Engineering Manager is SR 28,708/month.

60- The Salary of Drilling Engineer is SR 32,944/month.

61- Average Salary of Biomedical Engineering Director is SR 33,000/month.

62- The Salary of Field Engineering Manager is SR 60,000/month.

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