Average Salary of Executives in Saudi Arabia

People often wonder what is the average salary of a CEO, CFO, managing director, and senior manager in Saudi Arabia. We have provided it below;

1- Average Salary of a Business Development Coordinator in Saudi Arabia is SR 2,700/month.

2- The Salary of Operations Supervisor  is SR 3,800/month.

3- Average Salary of Assistant Operations Manager is SR 5,100/month.

4- The Salary of Merchandise Planner is SR 5,417/month.

5- Average Salary of Account Executive is SR 5,500/month.

6- The Salary of Junior Executive is SR 6,400/month.

7- Average Salary of Supervisor is SR 9,146/month.

8- The Salary of Director of Revenue Management is SR 10,500/month.

9– Average Salary of Logistics Manager is SR 12,000/month.

10- The Salary of Project Manager is SR 12,340/month.

11- Average Salary of Business Development Associate in Saudi Arabia is SR 14,400/month.

12- The Salary of Director of Training Development is SR 15,000/month.

13- Average Salary of Project Planner is SR 16,500/month.

14- The Salary of Zone Manager is SR 18,667/month.

15- Average Salary of Business Consultant is SR 21,605/month.

16-  The Salary of Business Analyst is SR 21,853/month.

17- Average Salary of Area Manager is SR 23,000/month.

18- The Salary of Business Development is SR 23,157/month.

19- Average Salary of a Franchise Manager is SR 25,000/month.

20- The Salary of Assistant Vice President is SR 25,000/month.

21- Average Salary of Quality Manager in Saudi Arabia is SR 25,000/month.

22- The Salary of Operations Manager is SR 26,425/month.

23- Average Salary of Business Development Manager is SR 26,897/month.

24- The Salary of Project Manager is SR 27,744/month.

25- Average Salary of Assistant Director is SR 28,500/month.

26- The Salary of Planning Director is SR 29,167/month.

27- Average Salary of Director is SR 29,500/month.

28- The Salary of Regional Director is SR 31,600/month.

29- Average Salary of CFO is SR 32,000/month.

30- The Salary of Planning Director is SR 32,150/month.

31- Average Salary of Vice President in Saudi Arabia is SR 32,525/month.

32- The Salary of Deputy General Manager is SR 32,550/month.

33- Average Salary of Management Consultant is SR 35,444/month.

34- The Salary of General Manager is SR 36,271/month.

35- Average Salary of Strategy Director is SR 41,900/month.

36- The Salary of Program Manager is SR 42,000/month.

37- Average Salary of Assistant to CEO is SR 44,500/month.

38- The Salary of CEO is SR 44,500/month.

39- Average Salary of Country Manager is SR 44,500/month.

40- The Salary of General Manager Corporate Services is SR 48,000/month.

41- Average Salary of Deputy Director in Saudi Arabia is SR 50,000/month.

42- The Salary of Area Director is SR 50,000/month.

43- Average Salary of Executive Director is SR 52,450/month.

44- The Salary of Chief Executive Officer is SR 56,442/month.

45- Average Salary of Corporate Compliance Director is SR 60,000/month.

46- The Salary of Managing Director is SR 62,333/month.

47- Average Salary of Corporate Director is SR 62,500/month.

48- The Salary of Director of Catering Services in Saudi Arabia is SR 65,000/month.

49- Average Salary of Project Control Manager is SR 65,000/month.

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