Average Salary for Sales/Marketing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

People working as salesman, sales executives, representatives, and digital marketing want to know the average salary of their jobs in Saudi Arabia.

1- Average Salary of Senior Marketing Consultant in Saudi Arabia is SR 3,000/month.

2- The Salary of Marketing Coordinator is SR 3,643/month.

3- Average Salary of Retail Store Sales Person is SR 4,000/month.

4- The Salary of Visual Merchandiser is SR 4,050/month.

5- Average Salary of Brand Marketing is SR 4,217/month.

6- The Salary of Cashier is SR 5,000/month.

7- Average Salary of Assistant Retail Store Manager is SR 5,067/month.

8- The Salary of Marketing Analyst is SR 5,875/month.

9- Average Salary of Sales Representative is SR 6,169/month.

10- The Salary of Retail Store Manager is SR 6,193/month.

11- Average Salary of Sales Admin Executive in Saudi Arabia is SR 6,200/month.

12- The Salary of Marketing Assistant is SR 7,000/month.

13- Average Salary of Marketing Specialist is SR 8,606/month.

14- The Salary of Account Manager is SR 9,659/month.

15- Average Salary of Sales Assistant is SR 9,860/month.

16- The Salary of Sales Consultant is SR 9,950/month.

17- Average Salary of Assistant Marketing Manager is SR 10,000/month.

18- The Salary of Sales Manager is SR 10,285/month.

19- Average Salary of Marketing Officer is SR 10,500/month.

20- The Salary of Market Research Analyst is SR 11,733/month.

21- Average Salary of Marketing Executive in Saudi Arabia is SR 12,008/month.

22- The Salary of Marketing Manager is SR 12,500/month.

23- Average Salary of Branch Manager is SR 13,667/month.

24- The Salary of Sales Specialist is SR 14,000/month.

25- Average Salary of Sales Executive is SR 14,188/month.

26- The Salary of Brand Manager is SR 14,406/month.

27- Average Salary of Area Sales Manager is SR 14,490/month.

28- The Salary of Digital Marketing Strategist is SR 15,000/month.

29- Average Salary of Social Media Marketing Manager is SR 15,580/month.

30- The Salary of Product Development Manager is SR 17,167/month.

31- Average Salary of Market Development Manager in Saudi Arabia is SR 18,194/month.

32- The Salary of Sales Manager is SR 19,390/month.

33- Average Salary of Sales Support Manager is SR 20,000/month.

34- The Salary of Marketing Manager is SR 20,523/month.

35- Average Salary of Regional Sales Manager is SR 20,580/month.

36- The Salary of Retail Operations Manager is SR 21,000/month.

37- Average Salary of Campaign Specialist is SR 21,400/month.

38- The Salary of Area Manager is SR 22,739/month.

39- Average Salary of National Sales Manager is SR 28,991/month.

40- The Salary of Senior Sales Executive in Saudi Arabia is SR 35,000/month.

41- Average Salary of Marketing Director is SR 66,500/month.

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