Average Salary for Oil Jobs in Saudi Arabia

People working in the Oil and Gas sector want to know what is the salary of workers in this industry in Saudi Arabia.

1- Average Salary of an oil rig worker in Saudi Arabia is SR 4,500/month.

2- The Salary of Oilwell Pumper is SR 11,000/month.

3- Average Salary of Exploration Manager is SR 11,800/month.

4- The Salary of Laboratory Analyst is SR 12,000/month.

5- Average Salary of Radio Operator is SR 13,000/month.

6- The Salary of Mine Engineer in Saudi Arabia is SR 14,698/month.

7- Average Salary of Estimator is SR 16,000/month.

8- The Salary of Fuels Handler is SR 16,475/month.

9- Average Salary of Lab Manager is SR 17,000/month.

10- The Salary of Process Technician is SR 18,000/month.

11- Average Salary of Petroleum Geologist in Saudi Arabia is SR 18,000/month.

12- The Salary of Gas Supply Manager is SR 19,750/month.

13- Average Salary of Power Plant Operations Manager is SR 20,529/month.

14- The Salary of Pipeline Technician is SR 20,608/month.

15- Average Salary of Electric and Gas Operations Manager is SR 23,658/month.

16- The Salary of Associate Analyst in Saudi Arabia is SR 24,600/month.

17- Average Salary of Team Leader  is SR 26,344/month.

18- The Salary of Reservoir Engineer  is SR 27,975/month.

19- Average Salary of Geologist is SR 32,320/month.

20- The Salary of Geophysicist is SR 50,000/month.

21- Average Salary of NDT Technician is SR 10,380/month.

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