Authorities raid a Shop selling sexual stimulants in Makkah – Woman arrested

Humans have excelled and made innumerable discoveries in the medical field. Lifesaving drugs, surgical parts, medicines for the cure of almost every ailment, such things make us feel proud and happy to live in such an era where we enjoy medical facilitation like never before.

Unfortunately, like in every field, there are always some good and some bad people involved in the business. This indeed is saddening, especially when it comes to medicine and food, for it directly affects the health and is a direct threat to the life of the person under the treatment.[irp]

Now, some of the unethical people have started selling and marketing of some unlawful medicines which may give a timely pleasure to the person using the medicine during the intercourse, but portray a long-term health hazard and result in failure of organs, abnormal behavior and death in a young age.

Such medicines are banned in many parts of the world, and rightfully indeed. They are not only unlawful, they are unnatural and immoral too. A shop in Makkah, Saudi Arabia was found selling such sex stimulating medicines and cosmetics.

The authorities took certain measures, collected the proper information and as expected from the Saudi Authorities, the shop was closed down and the material was confiscated. We have observed the Saudi Law Enforcing Agencies working efficiently, and taking action fluently which is a good sign for both the present and the future.

Mamdouh Bin Mohammad Iraqi, chairman of Shouqiya Municipality, said inspection squads observed major violation in the shop. Some of the materials it sold were a threat to public health.

The chairman said, “we have found some prohibited materials and composition as well as prohibited cosmetics that were marketed as sexually energizing products for men and women.” he was angry at these shopkeepers who don’t even think for a while that how badly these drugs will affect the health of the people.

All they wanted is just to sell their product to earn a large amount of money. “These shopkeepers violate medical and health regulations as well as Sharia rules”, the chairman added. He said that selling these products is going against the rules set by Health Ministry and the Saudi Food and Drug Authorities. 

After discovering the violation of rules by the shopkeeper the security agencies were told to close the shop. An Arab woman was arrested who ran the shop. She was handed over to police for further investigation and taking punitive action. He explained that they will not show any type of leniency toward such violation.

The chairman was angry with the violators and he advised the public to be cautious about the shop who sell dangerous and unhealthy drugs or cosmetics and if they found any shop selling such products so inform at 904.

Now it is everybody’s duty to inform the police or health ministry about the harmful products so that they can take easy steps to prohibit the selling of such products.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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