12 things to do in Yanbu

Yanbu is full of tourist attractions, white sand beaches, historical and modern places to visit, and a lot of things to do. Here are some places to visit in Yanbu.

What is the best time to go?

The weather in Yanbu remains hot and humid during summer. Therefore, the best time to visit it is during moderate weather. In winter it gets cold so you would not be able to enjoy water activities.

There are thousands of hotels where you can stay but if you can afford, stay at Al Ahlam Resort in Yanbu.

Lawrence of Arabia House

Thomas Edward Lawrence Lawrence commonly known as the Lawrence of Arabia was a British intelligence officer who assisted in the combat against the ottoman empire to the Saudis, British and French groups in world war 1.

Make sure to visit this historical, yet beautifully renovated Lawrence of Arabia house where he spent precious years of his life.

Lawrence of Arabia House - places to visit in yanbu

Yanbu Historic Area

Yanbu Historic Area is a peaceful spacious place to have a picnic with the family. There are a few cultural cafes serving Qahwa and mini-shops to buy snacks and stuff. Good place for cycling as well for adults.

If you are looking to buy souvenirs in Yanbu, this is the place to visit as a tourist.

Yanbu Historic Area - yanbu tourist places

Yanbu Waterfront 

Yanbu beaches are different from the rest of Saudi Arabia s they possess soft sand. Although there are several beaches where you can swim in Yanbu, I would suggest you visit Yanbu Waterfront.

At Ynabu Waterfront, there is a designated place for children to swim where water is not so deep.

Yanbu Waterfront - yanbu attractions

Yanbu Lake Park

Yanbu Lake Park is a nice place to visit with children as the park is decorated nicely with an artificial lake. The lake is filled with Tilapia fish. There are slides, swings for kid’s playtime. However, there no food outlets except for one coffee/Ice-cream shop.

Yanbu Lake Park - places to visit in yanbu

Dolphin Free Diver

If you are a tourist who is interested to do SCUBA diving in Yanbu, there is no better place to visit than Dolphin Free Divers. Their staff is very professional who takes you to the diving spots on small boats in a group of 4-5 people. You can dive with them even if you don’t have any prior experience.

Al Nawras Island

If you are looking for a nearby Island to visit in Yanbu, Al Nawras Island should be on the top of the list. The good thing is that there is no need to book a boat as a road connects Yanbu with this island.

The island is very well maintained and kept clean by the authorities. There is a huge park and some rides for children too.

Al Nawras Island - yanbu tourist places

Sunken Greek Ship

In April 1978, a greek ship loaded with flour crossed the Gulf of Aqaba and got stuck at this place in Yanbu. You can visit the sunken Greek ship only during the daytime and head back to the highway before the sunset.

Sunken Greek Ship - yanbu attractions

Yanbu Al Nakhl

Al Nakhl is a heritage district of Yanbu having numerous archeological sites to visit that make it a tourist attraction. While driving through this area, you can stop at any of these sites and visit them. 

Al Suwaiq village is the place where caravans that hold trade and pilgrims meet.  These pilgrims are usually those who come through the sea or land routes. Al Suwaiq village is also known as the Monday market.

Yanbu Al Nakhl - places to visit in yanbu

Yanbu Night Market

If you are looking to buy some traditional stuff or souvenirs from Yanbu, visit the Night Market established in the 19th century. Many recreational events are held for all the family during the Historic Yanbu festival at the market.

  • Yanbu Night Market Location.
  • Night Market Timing: 5 pm to 12 am.

Yanbu Night Market - yanbu tourist places

Dana Mall

If you are looking for a shopping place in Yanbu, visit the biggest mall in the city called Dana Mall. You can find stores like Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Bodyworks, H&M, Home Center, etc. Moreover, there is a big food court where you can have your lunch or dinner.

Dana Mall - yanbu attractions

Yanbu Industrial City

Yanbu was first just a seaport, but in 1975 the government initiated an industrial process there. It now serves as an important industrial base for the country.

The Industrial Yanbu is a place or more appropriately a city worth visiting for tourists, especially at night time.

Yanbu Industrial City - places to visit in yanbu

Flower Festival

If you are visiting Yanbu during the spring season, you should visit the biggest tourist attraction called the Flower Festival. The Yanbu flower festival holds the world record of largest flower carpet and visiting this place is the best thing to do in spring.

Flower Festival - yanbu tourist places

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