How to Attest Philippine degree from Saudi Culture?

A degree must be attested by the Saudi Culture and Saudi Embassy in the Philippines to be accepted in Saudi Arabia. However, the issue is that there is no Saudi Culture office in the Philippines. How to attest a Philippine degree from Saudi Culture?

Contact the Saudi Culture Office Singapore

Filipino who wants his degrees to be attested will call the Cultural Office using this number +6567383855 and let them know about his aim.

They would require him to scan the degree and send it to them at this email address [email protected]

Required Documents

  1. Red Ribbon degrees stamped by the Saudi embassy in the Philippines
  2. Letter of Consent to authorize Saudi Culture in Singapore to attest the degree
  3. Job offer letter signed by both employer and employee printed on the Company’s letterhead and stamped by the Company – no need for chamber stamp.
  4. Copy of employment contract stating all facts like basic, housing, transportation allowances.
  5. Copy of Passport containing the name of the passport holder and must be valid by more than 3 months.
  6. Copy of original Diploma and Transcripts in a clear copy.

Letter of consent to Attest Philippine degree from Saudi Culture

Sending Original Documents to Culture Office

Once the above-mentioned documents are sent and duly approved by the Culture Office, they will ask the degree holder to send the original documents along with the following additional documents:

  • A self-addressed envelope for return mail.
  • Contact details of the return back receiver such as name, contact number, email address. For me, I included even the google maps link of our office and the phone number of our office in case of any network issue on my mobile.

Processing Time in Saudi Culture Office

After the documents reached Singapore, it will take 2-3 weeks for processing, once it is done, they will notify the degree holder about the completion of the process.

They will provide the name of the courier with the tracking number. Remember that there is no fee for the attestation. You only have to pay the courier charges.

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