What is ATM cash withdrawal limit in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) has set a maximum cash withdrawal limit through ATM cards all around Saudi Arabia. How much is it? Find out below.

ATM cash withdrawal limit

All Saudi banks including Al Rajhi, SNB (Al Ahli), Bank Al Bilad, etc have set the maximum cash withdrawal limit through ATM cards at SR 5,000/day.

atm withdrawal limit in saudi arabia

When can we withdraw again?

It is important to note that the ATM cash withdrawal limit in Saudi Arabia is per 24 hours. For example; 

  • Time of Cash Withdrawal: 11:30 pm on 20 July.
  • Time of next Cash Withdrawal: 11:31 pm on 21 July.

The interval between the two withdrawals must be of 24 hours and not less than that period.

What are the other options?

There are several other options through which you can withdraw more than the ATM cash withdrawal limit (SR 5,000) from your bank account in Saudi Arabia;

1- You can visit any branch of your bank and withdraw any amount of money from there.

2- Transfer some amount to one of your other bank accounts and withdraw through the ATM card.

3- Transfer some amount to your friend and ask him to withdraw cash for you through the ATM.

4- If the purpose why you need cash is shopping, you can use your ATM card at the point of sale for transactions up to SR 60,000/day.

5- If you are making a payment for something else, you can also ask the other party to receive funds in a bank account.

ATM Withdrawal Charges

I have seen that in many countries there are cash withdrawal charges for using an ATM but this is not the case in Saudi Arabia. 

  • Withdrawal charges for using your bank’s ATM: ZERO.
  • Withdrawal charges for using other bank’s ATM: ZERO.
  • Source: Emirates NBD

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