Cash Withdrawal and Point-of-Sale Limit of ATM Cards in Saudi Arabia

It is necessary for the residents of Saudi Arabia to know about the maximum limit or the minimum limit of their debit card for the cash withdrawal from bank ATM machine. They should also have the knowledge of the maximum limit of purchase at Point of Sale through their credit or debit card.[irp]

This basic information is necessary for an expatriate so he can make wise decisions in case of an emergency or special need.

Purchase at Point of Sale limit: According to the needs of the customers or clients, many banks increase the debit card limit for point of sale purchase. They increase the limit from twenty thousand Saudi Riyals to sixty thousand Saudi Riyals.

This step was taken by all the Saudi banks to meet the needs of their clients and customers. Now the limit set by the Saudi banks for the purchase at any point of sale is 60 thousand Saudi Riyals.

Cash Withdrawal Limit from ATM Machine: The banks in any country of the world set the maximum or minimum limits for taking out money through any ATM Machine. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if you want to withdraw an amount from any nearest ATM machine then you can only withdraw 5,000 Saudi Riyals per day.

While the minimum amount of money withdrawal is fixed at 50/- Saudi Riyals. Maximum limit of Taking money out through ATM is 5 thousand Saudi Riyals per day. This simply means that once you withdraw the money from an ATM machine then you can withdraw it again after 24 hours and not before than that. You have to wait for 24 hours for the next withdrawal.

For example: if you withdraw an amount of 5000 at 11:00 pm then you have to wait for the next 24 hours to withdraw money again or for the next withdrawal. This simply means that you can take the money out next day at 11:00 pm. The interval between the two withdrawals must be of 24 hours and not less than that period.

Cash Withdrawal Limit from the Bank Counter: Now the question arises that what is the maximum limit you would be able to withdraw from the bank counter? The answer is very simple; if you want to withdraw money from the bank directly from the cash counters then there is no limit of taking out of money. If you walk into your bank personally, go to cash counter with cash withdrawal form and your withdrawal limit is unlimited.

Cheque Transfer Limit: Same is the situation for the cheques. There is no maximum limit if you transfer money through cheque.

Internet Transfer: The maximum amount you can transfer using internet banking in Saudi Arabia to another account is SR 20,000/-

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