5 Incidents, when Aircrafts went missing flying upon Bermuda Triangle

You must have heard about this tale that if an airplane flies above the Bermuda triangle, it disappears. Well, this is not just a tale; thousands of people went in quest of exploring the reality but never came back. Today, we are going to tell you about five such airplane incidents which happened in Bermuda Triangle. Even latest technology could not find those airplanes. We have mentioned details and facts about Bermuda triangle in our previous articles. The incidents are numerous and the list will always remain incomplete as sometimes the incidents went unnoticed because the remains and evidence vanish from existence. Following are some famous incidents.[irp]

5th December 1945, Flight 19: Flight 19, the five bombers disappeared in the Bermuda triangle, which departed from Naval air station port in Florida. 14 airmen went missing together with the other 13 crew members who went in search of them. It was said that the reason might be getting lost or disoriented upon reaching the Bermuda triangle when the fuel was consumed and they ditched in the sea.[irp]

30th January 1948: Avro Tudor designated Tudor IV aircraft known as Star Tiger which was operated by British South American Airways disappeared on 30th January 1948 over the Atlantic Ocean.  The flight was from Santa Maria in the Azores to Bermuda. The flight was supposed to depart on 28th January but due to bad weather, it was delayed. It took off on 29th January despite heavy rains and winds. It was noticed that they went off the course and fuel was ending too. The signals were weak for transmitting information. There was then no contact with the craft nor was the location known. There were 25 passengers and 6 crew members, all went missing.

28th December 1948: The flight Douglas Dakota, DC-3 (NC16002) one of the most reliable designs, took off from San Juan airport in Puerto Rico to reach Miami in Florida on 28th December 1948. The flight carried 36 passengers and 3 crew members.  When the aircraft was coming back from Miami to San Juan to take passengers, Captain Bob told the engineers that the landing light was not blinking and there were some issues with it. The crew looked for the issue and after checking found that the battery was weak and they ran low on water. As charging the battery would take too long, so the captain commanded to charge batteries in air using the aircraft’s own generator. The flight then landed and was again ready to depart for Miami. The radio transmitter was unable to send messages efficiently due to the low battery but they decided to take off. When the craft was 50 miles away from Florida, the message was received and this was the last time when the position of aircraft was recorded.  The plane disappeared and no one knows where it went. There was no explosion. Also, the Florida water keys are shallow but no debris was seen. The mystery remains unsolved.

17th January 1949: Star Ariel which was an Avro Tudor Mark IV operated by British South American Airways went missing without any trace on 17th January 1949. It was traveling from Kingston, Jamaica to Bermuda. With 13 passengers and 7 crew members and clear weather, the pilot took off. Messages were received normally from the captain. There was a change in frequency demanded and weak radio transmitter connections with blackouts of almost 10mins in between. Then suddenly there was complete silence and no contact at all.  There was good communication till last message, excellent weather, experience staff and captain, no change in gravity, no detection of craft failure and still the whole aircraft disappeared.

26th December 1965: Private Cessna en route to Grand Bahamas Island from Ft. Lauderdale went missing with a pilot and a passenger on 6th December 1965. A similar story occurred in this incident as well where communication with the base was lost and the aircraft disappeared without any notice. There was no sign of any failure or accident. There are much more such incidents to which there is no limit and the mystery remains unsolved till today.

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