Asma ul Husna: Blessings of the 99 names of Allah

There are 99 names of Allah which is also called Asma Ul Husna. Reciting a specific name in a prescribed manner would result in achieving desired blessings from Allah e.g. finding a job. Here are the different blessings associated with each name of Allah.

As per an authentic hadith found in Sahih Al Bukhari, the Holy Prophet PBUH assured that any Muslim who learns these 99 names of Allah will enter paradise. – Sahih al-Bukhari 2736

1 – Allah: the one who recites this name 1000 times daily, he will have stronger faith, his doubts and uncertainty will be removed.

2 – Ar-Rahman: reciting this name 100 times after every obligatory prayer will help a person enhance memory, have a light heart and Allah will bless him with strong awareness.

3 – Ar-Rahim: reciting it 100 times after Fajr prayers let a person become safe from mishaps and misfortunes. Also, people will tend to become friendly with the person.

4 – Al-Malik: one will get wealthy if he recites this name multiple times after Fajr prayers.

5 – Al-Quddus: to get free from anxiety and worries, recite this name 100 times a day.

6 – As-Salam: a sick person will become healthy if this name is recited by him/for him 160 times. This name also assures the safety of its reciter.

7 – Al-Mumin: to lead a halal life free from harm, recite this name 631 times.

8 – Al-Muhaymin: to have purification of body and soul, take a bath, two units of prayers, and then recite this name 100 times.

9 – Al-Aziz: to get independent of other’s help and to gain honor, recite this name 41 times after every obligatory prayer.

10 – Al-Jabbar: reciting this name has great benefits such as protection from calamities, violence, and toughness. Also, the reciter will not be forced to do things against his will.

11 – Al-Mutakabbir: the frequent recitation of this name will help gain honor, success, and respect.

12 – Al-Khaliq: Allah assigns an angel to the reciter of this name who guides him to the right path. Recite this name for 7 days for 100 times.

13 – Al-Bari: used to praise Allah for creating everything in proportions.

14 – Al-Musawwir: women unable to conceive a child shall recite this name on the water 21 times for 7 days.

15 – Al-Ghaffar: reciters’ sins shall be forgiven.

16 – Al-Qahhar: one will be guided towards the right, his soul and heart will become free from worldly desires and peace will conquer him.

17 – Al-Wahhab: frequent recitation will help overcome poverty. Also when recited in the last sajud of the non-mandatory chast prayer for 40 times, it will help dismiss starvation.

18 – Ar-Razzaq: used to seek sustenance by Allah.

19 – Al-Fattah: used to emerge victoriously and to have an open heart.

20 – Al-Alim: recite to achieve an enlightened heart.

21 – Al-Qabid: To get a hunger-free life recite the name on 4 pieces of fruit for 40 days.

22 – Al-Basit: recite this name 10 times after chast prayer. Keep your hands open and rub them on face: by Grace of Allah the reciter will become independent of the help of others.

23 – Al-Khafid: recite this name 500 times daily so that Allah may grant all the needs.

24 – Ar-Rafi: reciting this name 101 times a day will help achieve honor, merit, and richness.

25 – Al-Muizz: reciting this name 140 times after Maghrib prayer on Monday or Friday will help a person become honorable. Also, he will fear no one but Allah.

26 – Al-Mudhill: recite it 75 times a day to remain protected from harmful and jealous people.

27 – As-Sami: after chast prayer do not speak to anyone and recite this name for 500, 100, or 50 times: Insha Allah your wishes will be granted.

28 – Al-Basir: to get the enlightened heart and lighted sight repeat the name 100 times after Friday prayer.

29 – Al-Hakam: recited at night to get knowledge of secrets.

30 – Al-Adl: On Friday write the name on a piece of bread. Eat it and people will become obedient to you.

31 – Al-Latif: recite 133 times a day to have increased sustenance. Also, matters of the reciter will settle according to his will.

32 – Al-Khabir:  recite daily to get rid of bad habits and desires.

33 – Al-Halim: take a paper, write this name and wash it with water. Used that water on anything you need to protect from losing or being damaged.

34 – Al-Azim: recite daily to gain respect.

35 – Al-Ghafur: recite it to get relief from a headache, fever, hopelessness, and sins.

36 – Ash-Shakur: those who suffer minority issues, suffering or calamities shall recite this name 41 times a day.

37 – Al-Ali: repeat the name daily and have it written on a paper to attain desires, higher ranks, and success.

38 – Al-Kabir: to have honor, repeat the name 100 times a day.

39 – Al-Hafiz: recite and have it written on a paper to protect yourself from calamities.

40 – Al-Muqit: to change your child’s bad habits and manners to good, recite the name on water and give them to drink.

41 – Al-Hasib: to overcome problems, recite it daily several times.

42 – Al-Jalil: recite to gain honor and status.

43 – Al-Karim: recite it at night to have honor in the world and hereafter.

44 – Ar-Raqib: recite this 7 times on yourself to get Allah’s protection over yourself and possessions.

45 – Al-Mujib: for those who have unheard appeals shall recite it daily.

46 – Al-Wasi: to ease earning, recite the name frequently.

47 – Al-Hakim: the daily recitation of the name will help doors of wisdom be opened and the difficulties will vanish.

48 – Al-Wadud: if you have a disagreement with another person, recite this name for 1000 on food and give it to that another person.

49 – Al-Majíd: recite it to be glorious.

50 – Al-Baith: recite it to fear Allah.

51 – Ash-Shahid: if anyone is disobedient, recite the name 21 times while placing your hand on their head.

52 – Al-Haqq: recite to find a lost thing.

53 – Al-Wakil: Allah will protect the reciter from fire, drowning, and other dangers.

54 – Al-Qawi: the one who wants to get free from the enemy and his harm shall recite it daily.

55 – Al-Matin: recite in days of trouble to overcome them.

56 – Al-Wali: repeat this name to become a friend of Allah.

57 – Al-Hamid: recite the name so that you may be loved and honored.

58 – Al-Muhsi: the one who fears to be in a loss on Day of Judgment shall recite this name 100 times a day. By the grace of Allah, he will be eased on that day.

59 – Al-Mubdi: shall be recited by or for pregnant women who fear a miscarriage.

60 – Al-Muid: a person who is away from family and family wishes his reunion, then they shall recite the name 70 times. By the will of Allah, the person will reunite within 7 days.

61 – Al-Muhyi: a person with burdens shall recite this name 7 times a day to ease his burdens.

62 – Al-Mumit: anyone who has a dangerous enemy and wishes to destroy them shall recite this daily.

63 –  Al-Hayy: one who wants to live long shall recite this name.

64 – Al-Qayyum: one who fears to fall in negligence shall recite this name.

65 – Al-Wajid: the recitation of this name allows to purify the heart and enhance its richness.

66 – Al-Majid: recite this name in privacy and in seclusion to attain an enlightened heart.

67 – Al-Wahid: recite this name in privacy and in seclusion 100 times to overcome any fear and misconception.

68 – Al-Ahad: reciting this 1000 times will allow one to have secrets opened at him by the mercy of Allah.

69 – As-Samad: recite this name several times so that Allah may fulfill all your needs and so that you do not remain needy but help others in their needs.

70 – Al-Qadir: recite this several times over days so that Allah may fulfill all your legit and lawful desires.

71 – Al-Muqtadir: the one who fears that someone is lying to him, he shall recite this so that he may become aware of the truth.

72 – Al-Muqaddim: the one who is in the battlefield shall recite this name so that Allah may protect him from harm. Moreover, in any auspicious occasion, recite this name to have protection. Recitation of this name also helps one to become obedient towards Allah.

73 – Al-Muakhkhir: recite this name in heart 100 times daily so that love of Allah be dominant in heart and no other love conquers the heart.

74 – Al-Awwsal: one who is childless and wishes to have a child shall recite this name 40 times for 40 days. On Friday the traveler shall recite this name 1000 times so that he may reach his destination safe and sound.

75 – Al-Akhir: he who wishes for a good life and death shall recite this name several times.

76 – Az-Zahir: to have a divinely enlightened heart, one shall recite this name every Friday 15 times.

77 – Al-Batin: to see the truth in things, one shall recite this name thrice every day.

78 – Al-Walí: one who recites this name and breathes it in his houses shall not fear nor encounter any danger.

79 – Al-Mutaali: to reap the benevolence of Allah, one shall recite this name daily.

80 – Al-Barr: to make sure the child is free of danger and misfortune, one shall recite this name on the child.

81 – At-Tawwab: one who wishes that his sin may be forgiven shall recite this name daily for several times

82 – Al-Muntaqim: he who wishes to emerge victorious against his enemy shall recite this thrice on each Friday.

83 – Al-Afu: to repent over sins, recite this several times on a daily basis.

84 – Ar-Rauf: he who seeks to be blessed by Allah Almighty, shall recite this name on daily basis.

85 – Malik al-Mulk: one who wishes to be honored among people shall recite this name.

86 – Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram: to gain wealth and to become rich, recite this name.

87 – Al-Muqsit: to be safe from the devil and his evil shall recite this name daily.

88 – Al-Jami: he who has lost a thing shall recite it so that it may get back to him safely.

89 – Al-Ghani: recite this name 70 times so that he may not remain needy and shall get contented.

90 – Al-Mughni: to become self-sufficient and suffice, he shall recite this name 1000 times on each Friday.

91 – Al-Mani: recite this 20 times at night so that Allah may bless one with a happy marriage/family life.

92 – Ad-Darr: to have peace in life and heart, one shall recite this name 100 times on Friday nights.

93 – An-Nafi: to emerge successful in every task, recite this name 41 times before initializing the task.

94 – An-Nur: the inner light is achievable through the recitation of this name.

95 – Al-Hadi: recite “yahadi ihdinas-siratal-mustaqim” 1100 times after each isha prayer. Insha Allah all the needs will be fulfilled.

96 – Al-Badi: to relieve stress and discomfort, recite this name for 70,000 times.

97 – Al-Baqi: he who wants his good deeds to be accepted, he shall recite this name 100 times on Friday nights.

98 – Al-Warith: to remain free from sorrows and distress, shall recite this name 100 times.

99 – Ar-Rashid: he who unable to complete a task or is new as it shall recite this name for 1000 times 1000 times between Maghrib and Isha Prayer.

100 – As-Sabur: to come out of stress, problem, or trouble, one shall recite this name 3000 times.

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