Ashin Wirathu: A Buddhist Monk who ordered to kill 5,000 Rohingya Muslims

Every religion has some fundamental teachings. Islam and Buddhism are the two religions which promote peace. However, both religions are facing irony. The word terrorism is now largely linked with Muslims. The religion of Islam does not promote and favor violence, yet the Western world now associates terrorism and violence with Muslim.

The Buddhism religion also imposes an emphasis on peace, yet the world is in a great shock to learn the statements of a Buddhist monk over Rohingya crisis. Many monks have been seen favoring the violence against the Muslims in Myanmar. We know that Muslims in Myanmar are treated inhumanly.[irp]

They are facing genocide and are fleeing towards other nations. In these entire crises, Human rights activists and many nations have condemned the violence against these Muslims. Yet, the world was amazed to learn that Buddhist monks encouraged these inhumane acts against Rohingya Muslims.

A religion whose fundamentals rest in peace, a religion whose first principle is to avoid killing, a religion that teaches its followers to abstain from violence: has its own preachers encouraging genocide! This is truly ironic!

Ashin Wirathu, a Buddhist monk, has been declared by the Time Magazine as the Burmese Bin Laden. He is one of the monks who openly encourage the acts of violence against the Rohingya Muslims. He is a leader of the 969 Buddhist national movements. He is in favor of Rohingya Muslims genocide as he sees it as an act of stopping the expansion of Islam in Myanmar.

Having 2500 followers and leading 60 monks in the New Maesoeyin Monastery, Wirathu is an influential religious figure. Wirathu addresses people around the country in which he often advises them to not to have business relations with the Muslims. He also tells his followers to ignore Muslim communities.

His statements, his sermons, and his beliefs have allowed the international human rights activists to believe that he is one of the central figures who has prompted violence against Rohingya Muslims and around 5,000 Muslims have been killed due to this. Why do religious figures encourage these acts?

Especially religious figures whose religion preaches peace! We need to learn that Terrorism is not associated with any religion. It is a political matter and religious figures should abstain from jumping into it. Myanmar is one of those countries that are facing a problem of transition.

After prolonged dictatorship, it is transiting towards democracy. However, we all know well that such transition is often not peaceful. The institutional structures are weak, the system is not ready for the transition and certain ethnic issues are likely to arise. This is what Myanmar is going through and countries like Iraq, Lebanon, and Libya have already gone through.

As I said, terrorism is a political issue and religions should not be attached to it. Where Wirathu statements have been shocking, people are also amazed at the undue silence of Aung San Suu Kyi. She is a democratic leader, an influential political figure and a Nobel Peace Prize, Award Winner. Her country is facing such problems and she is salient!

An ethnic cleansing against Muslims is prevalent in her country, the world has spoken for it, yet she does not say a word on the matter! The renowned human rights fighter won’t stand up for the rights of Rohingya Muslims?  Why aren’t politicians doing their work and religious leaders theirs? What is wrong with the world?

Different nations have stood up for these Muslims. Turkey has not only condemned the act but also has pleaded to the government of Bangladesh to open borders for Burma Muslims and they will pay for all the expenses. The abuses against the Muslims of Myanmar have been condemned by Indonesia, Russia, and Malaysia.

Many protests have been seen in these countries which demand justice and ending of the abuses. Saudi Arabia has opened its borders for the Muslim fellows. King Salman has announced Saudi Iqama for 1 Million Burmese.

The international community and UN have also condemned these acts and have demanded the State counselor of Myanmar Suu Kyi to end the abuse and to control the riots in the Rakhine state.

May Allah help our Muslim brothers and sisters there. This is the time where the entire Muslim nation shall take a similar stance against the Myanmar violation of Muslims. We hope that soon justice will be upheld!

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