Army of scorpions attacked a village in Aswan

Aswan village of Southern Egypt had been attacked by an army of scorpions. Around 500 people have been stung by scorpions out of which many have died and others are hospitalized. 

Due to the torrential rains, bad weather, and floods, the scorpions have left their burrows and have entered a human habitat in the Aswan region.

After the rainfall, millions of scorpions decided to migrate to the nearby village and whoever came in between, was stung by them.

The Ministry of Health has assured that they are taking adequate steps to combat the situation. The ministry briefed that they have enough antiserums for the population. For the people of Aswan 3,350 doses of anti-serum have been allocated.

The symptoms and reactions of the scorpion sting, as informed by the villagers to the doctors are severe pain, high body temperature, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremors, and unusual movements in the head.

The doctors at the areas are prompt in giving the vaccine to the patients showing such symptoms. The highly toxic scorpion can cause death to its victims within an hour or so.

The villagers briefed that the mountainous regions of the Aswan are inhabited by highly toxic and poisonous scorpions such as “Arab fat-tailed scorpion”. 

The people of Aswan village are known for their kindness, simplicity, and generosity. This unfortunate attack of scorpions has led to a buzz on social media. The netizens are calling the government to quickly reach the people of Aswan and save their lives.

Source: Sabq

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