Are COVID-19 patients being paid SR 1,500 by MOH?

A video has been making rounds on social media where it is claimed by a man who has recovered from coronavirus that he has received SR1,500 from the government as gift money.

A Viral Video

The video shows that a man is emptying the contents of a bag that has the Asir logon printed on it. The bag was equipped with a Rose, a bottle of sanitizer, chocolate bars, and SR1,500 ($400).

Is the govt really distributing money?

“Is the government distributing gift money to recovered COVID-19 patients?”, is the new query that most people in Saudi Arabia cannot figure out. People are curious if the government is distributing gift money to the recovered patients on their discharge from the hospital.

The Health officials in Saudi Arabia’s Asir region have announced that they are not distributing any money and the claims by the patient in the video are false.

The Arab News took it to Twitter and posted a query regarding the matter to which the Asir health directorate responded that people should avoid spreading rumors and shall only respond to the news that comes out from authentic sources.

The directorate sends out a message that the money might have well belonged to the man himself. This message was retweeted by the health ministry. 

Public Prosecution is alarming for people to only follow authentic sources regarding the COVID-19 news. Fake news is circulating and one shall be careful about them.

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