Aramco to Join Hands With Gamers8 & Gamers Without Borders

Aramco, the Saudi Arabian energy and chemicals giant, is all set to collaborate with Gamers8: The Land of Heroes and Gamers Without Borders events once again this year. The announcement came from the Saudi Esports Federation. The strategic partnership follows Aramco’s successful stint as the title partner at Gamers 8 last year.

eSports collaboration is not a first-time thing for Aramco. Besides sponsoring these events, the company has also been a part of the F1 Esports Series Pro Championship for the last three years.

Gamers Without Borders is an eSports charity festival with a prize pool of a massive $10m (~£8m), making it the biggest global charitable eSports event. It comprises tournaments across multiple game titles and serves as a qualifier for Gamers8. The six-week event started on April 10 this year.

The all-women Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament was the highlight of the Gamers Without Borders festival this year. The first-of-its-kind tournament had six teams battling it out for a huge prize pool of $2.5 million in one elimination bracket from April 27 to 29.

Gamers8: The Land of Heroes is acclaimed for its $45m (~£36.33m) prize pool. The biggest gaming festival worldwide includes tournaments within Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, CS: GO, and Fortnite this year.Gamers8 will start on July 8 and span eight exciting weeks of gaming. 

According to Aramco and the Saudi Esports Federation, the success of last year’s collaboration is the reason for coming together for a strategic partnership again. Aramco will sponsor the Aramco Sim Arena again at the event this year. The arena is a high-end simulator zone for gaming lovers to participate in community tournaments.

The presence of Aramco as a sponsor at these events is great news for the gaming community as it fosters excellence and offers support for creating engaging content and experiences for gamers.

The Popularity of eSports in Saudi Arabia

Knowing more about the popularity of eSports in Saudi Arabia becomes imperative when discussing these renowned gaming events organized in the country. Saudi Arabia has a huge market, with eSports revenues estimated to reach USD $8.62m in 2023 at an impressive annual growth rate of 13.86% from 2023 to 2027.

The number of users is expected to reach a whopping 3.70 million by 2037. Likewise, the user penetration projections indicate a growth from 7.7% in 2023 to 9.7% by 2027. These numbers narrate the story of the booming popularity and growth of eSports in Saudi Arabia.

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Choosing a Reliable eSports Website

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Customer Support

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What Next

The eSports industry is already huge in Saudi Arabia, and the support from corporate giants like Aramco is set to make it bigger and better. There couldn’t be a better time to join the bandwagon and learn the skills that can set you up to be a part of the top gaming festivals in the future.

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