How to apply for Indian passport for a newborn in Saudi Arabia?

A child born to Indian parents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be registered and a passport should be obtained for the newborn baby. Every child born to Indian parents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is required to register his birth with the Embassy of India, Riyadh or Consulate General of India, Jeddah. The birth is required to be registered with the Embassy within one year of the birth.

After registering the child’s name as an Indian national, the copy of the extract from his or her birth certificate is issued by the Embassy and a separate Passport is issued to the newborn baby. Every child born to an Indian parent in the Kingdom has issued a separate passport as it is not possible to include the child’s name in their parent’s passport.

Requirements apply for an Indian passport for a newborn

First of all, the parents will have to request for registration of birth of their child born in the Kingdom under the section 4(1) of the citizenship act (Form) or they can also apply on the website

The parents/ applicants are required to fill online application form at

After filling the form the applicants are required to printout the filled application form and the signature of the parents and child's thumb impression left thumb for male and right thumb for female should be affixed in the signature box.

Annexure D should be signed by both the parent. It is also compulsory that both the parents or either one should be available with the passport of both the parents at the time of submission of the application. In the case of single-parent, Annexure C should be signed. The reasons are mentioned in para 3 of the annexure C.

You will also need a copy of Birth Registration Certificate issued by Directorate General along with English translation and also Original Birth Certificate.

Three latest passport-sized (3.5cm x 4cm) photographs with a white background.

Parents should submit a Photocopy of their marriage certificate, passport, Iqama and also a copy of printout that shows the validity of the Iqama. you can get it from the Ministry of Interior website. Original documents will also be needed at the time of verification.

Either one of the parents should have his or her spouse name endorsed in the passport. At last, pay the prescribed fees.

Late Registration of the childbirth

The birth of the newborn must be registered within one year and if in case the parents could not register their child’s birth with the Indian Embassy within one year of the Birth, then it is compulsory for the parents to visit the Embassy and meet the consular officer.

They should request him to register the birth of the minor detailing the reason for not registering on time. following are the documents that you will need at that time:

Visit the website and submit an online registration of the birth of the child born abroad under section 4(1) of the citizenship act.

Take a copy of this application form submitted online for child’s birth registration, duly attested by the consular office.

  1. Original Birth certificate issued by the Ministry along with its English translation.
  2. Original Birth Registration
  3. A copy of the marriage certificate, photocopy of the parent’s Iqama, and
  4. A copy of the printout showing the validity of the Iqama. You can get it from the Ministry.
  5. At least one of the parent should have spouse name endorsed on the passport.

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