How to Apply for a scholarship in Saudi Arabia?

Each year, Saudi universities award scholarships to thousands of students around the world. Here is the complete guideline to apply for a scholarship in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements to apply for a scholarship in Saudi Arabia

The students must meet the following requirements to apply for a scholarship in Saudi universities.

  1. Age Limit.
    • Bachelor’s degree – maximum age 25 years.
    • Master’s degree – maximum age 30 years.
    • PhD degree – maximum age 35 years.
  2. An approval certificate from their home country.
  3. Travel permission letter from the home country.
  4. Not enjoying any other scholarship from another Saudi educational Institution.
  5. Have not been expelled from an educational institution.
  6. Attested degree certificates.

Types of Scholarships in Saudi Arabia

There are two types of scholarships that can be availed by foreigners at Saudi universities:

  1. Internal scholarships: available for those who are legal residents of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Oversea scholarships: to non-Saudis who are foreigners.

There are three categories of Scholarships:

  1. Full scholarship: where students are entitled to enjoy all the benefits listed above.
  2. Partial scholarship: where students can enjoy few benefits listed above.
  3. Paid Scholarship: not granted by university but by donors and charity organizations.

How to apply Apply for a Scholarship?

  1. Go to the official website of the university.
  2. Get yourself registered and attain a PSU ID number.
  3. Fill in the scholarship request form available.
  4. You would now have to pay the semester fee.
  5. You will receive a scholarship approval receipt which you shall bring to the office.

Benefits of Scholarship in Saudi Arabia

  • Health care facilities
  • Hostels or accommodation
  • Airfare grants or annual travel tickets
  • Entitlement to financial wages when you start studying
  • Participation in scientific, cultural, and social programs
  • Career counseling by the academic staff and professionals

List of Saudi universities providing scholarship

Here is a list of universities that provide scholarships to foreign students in Saudi Arabia.

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