Annual Cow Poo festival kicks-off in India

The annual cow dung (Gore Habba) festival takes place every year in India at the Gumatapura village.

In this unique festival, the cow poo is thrown at one another so much so that the participants are covered from head to toe in the cow dung!

The festival is similar to the La Tomatina festival of Spain with the only difference that in India cow poo is used in place of tomatoes. People who celebrate this festival believe that cow dung has “curing properties”.

As per a local farmer, Mahesh, anyone suffering from a disease should come to the festival to get cured!

The annual cow dung (Gore Habba) festival starts with the end of the biggest annual religious festival in India i.e. Diwali. This festival has century-old roots.

In order to celebrate, the cow dung is bought to the temple via tractors that were loaded from farms. The authorities release special permission for the festival to take place.

This year, the festival ended with more than 100 injured participants. Even during coronavirus lockdown in 2020, the event was celebrated with enthusiasm by the people of the village.

Source: Hindustan Times

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