Wife slashes Husband’s fingers for checking her mobile

A woman who had been angry at her techie husband for the act of checking her mobile phone has allegedly slashed his fingers with the help of a kitchen knife in Bengaluru, India.

They had recently moved to the city around 3 years ago and were both employed at different I.T. firms. Recently Sunitha quit her job and took a break.

What Happened? The husband stated that when he returned home on the 4th of May late at night around 11 P.M. he found that the dinner had not been prepared.

When he asked for the dinner, the wife told him that she had ordered food and it would be arriving at any second. However, the entire time she had been reportedly busy with her phone that led to a war of words and the husband snatched her phone and started checking her messages.

This made Sunitha extremely angry. Sunitha then came out of the kitchen with a kitchen knife and proceeded to attack her husband, slashing his fingers in the process.

The husband then dropped the phone on the ground and immediately ran out of their apartment. He immediately headed for the nearest hospital and had been treated for his injuries.

The husband had stated that he fears for his life and demanded round-the-clock protection from his wife. 

Source: India Times

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