How to open a Telemoney account online?

You can open an ANB Telemoney account online and transfer funds to India, Pakistan, and the Philippines online at a low fee and quick timing. Here is the process;

Telemoney Account Opening Requirements

You can submit an application to open a Telemoney account online if the following conditions are met;

Opening a Telemoney Account

In order to open a Telemoney account online

  • Download the Telemoney App from PlayStore or iTunes.
  • Click on the “Open a Telemoney Account” button.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Answer the 6 questions
  • Enter your Absher username and password on the Nifaz website.

telemoney online account opening

Step 1: Authentication

The system will show you all the personal information such as your name, nationality, Iqama number, and date of birth. You need to enter your;

  • Email address.
  • Mobile Number.

Step 2: Contact Information

On the next page, enter the information such as;

  • Marital Status:
  • Place of Birth
  • Additional Contact Information.

Step 3: Personal Finance Information

At this stage of the Telemoney account opening, the system will take the following information;

  • Purpose of Account Opening: Remittance Service.
  • Employment Status: Employee.
  • Sector: Private Employee.
  • Job Title: Select the most suitable profession from the list.
  • Employer Name: 
  • Date of Joining: 
  • Monthly Income: Salary.
  • Additional Income: None.

anb telemoney online account opening

Step 4: User ID & Password

At this stage, you will be required to enter the password for your account.

  • Select the method you want your Telemoney ATM Card to receive.

Step 5: Account Confirmation

After successfully opening the ANB Telemoney account online, the system will show you the bank account details such as IBAN and account number. Please note them down at a safe place.

telemoney online account opening

Add Beneficiary to Telemoney online

Once the account is activated, you can add an international beneficiary through the Telemoney application and transfer funds online.

  • Download the Telemoney App from PlayStore or iTunes.
  • Click on the “Sign in” button.
  • Username: Iqama Number.
  • Enter the Password.
  • Click on the “Transfers” option.
  • Select the “Add Beneficiary” option.

Add Beneficiary to Telemoney online

In the next step to add an international beneficiary to the ANB Telemoney account;

  • Click on “International Account“.
  • Click on “Country“.
  • Select the “Country“.
  • Select the “Currency“.
  • Enter the IBAN/Account number.
  • Review the details and click on “Confirm“.

You will receive an automated card from ANB to confirm the activation of the Telemoney beneficiary. Now you can start transferring money to the activated beneficiary.

Add Beneficiary to Telemoney online


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