An Indian Worker buried alive under tons of sand in Qatif, Saudi Arabia

An expatriate worker of Asian origin was accidentally buried alive. This unfortunate accident occurred when a truck full of sand was being unloaded. The expatriate worker who hailed from India was busy on his cell phone when the driver of the truck proceeded to accidentally dump an entire load of sand on him.

The driver of the truck was not paying attention, and neither was the Indian man talking on the cell phone, hence the truck driver did not notice anybody standing behind the truck, while he had been unloading it. While the sand was unloading, the Indian expatriate man fell and ultimately got buried under the massive load of sand.[irp]

This is the second incident of this nature which has been reported in one single day in the city of Qatif. In accordance to some of the expatriate workers, the drivers of these trucks full of sand, simply do not care about any of the safety regulations and rules which must be kept in mind while operating such machinery and unloading their trucks.

The drivers should physically ensure that there are no people or children standing behind their truck before they start unloading it, stated the expatriate workers talking about the unfortunate incident that occurred. Ziad Al Ruqaiti from the Eastern Province police department confirmed the death of the Indian expatriate.

He stated that the Tarout police station had received the news about an accident which had occurred, on Wednesday evening. He further added that the Indian expatriate man was aged in his 40s and he passed away instantly.

The body of the Indian expatriate man was then transferred over to a government hospital where the necessary procedures and legalities will be taking place. It is truly sad to hear about this man, living away from his home country, presumably his family too, so that he could earn a respectable income and support his family.

However, there is also a bit of frustration that I am feeling about the carelessness showed by both the truck driver and the Indian expatriate. The Indian man should have been cautious of his surroundings, and if he had been standing in a construction zone with heavy machinery operating, he should not have been on the phone right there and should have gone to the side or someplace safer.

Some may say that the major fault lies in the actions of the now deceased Indian man and his lack of attention to his surroundings; however, the blame cannot only rest on one individual. I believe that the Indian expatriate, the truck driver, and any other worker or supervisor at the exact site where the incident occurred is in some way responsible.

The other workers or supervisors since if they had been supervising or watching what was going on, they could have saved the life of the Indian expatriate man. All truck drivers could learn a lesson from such accidents and be aware of what is around them.

Source: Arab News

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