Dear Abu Jan Ami Jan – Expat’s letter from Saudi Arabia


Dear Abu Jan, Ami Jan,

It’s been 5 years since I was out of the country and today I’m planning to return home next month. I’ve paid off the loan I took out for my visa and some expenses were incurred on buying gifts for the family. Now I don’t have a lot of money but my health is fine and I consider myself capable of going to Pakistan to get a good job and run the house. I don’t like this place I want to live in my house What do you think about it?

Dear son Jamal,

We got your letter and we were happy to read about your holiday. Your mother was saying that the condition of the house is getting very bad and you know it is going to be a rainy season ahead.

This house is uninhabitable. Since the house is made of old bricks and wood, it will cost a lot to repair it. We think a house made of concrete and cement would be great. A good and new home needs time. You know what the conditions are like here. If you come here and work, how will you be able to build a house with your limited income?


Dear Abu Jan and Ami Jan,

I was calculating that today I have been abroad for 10 years. Now I often get tired, miss home a lot, and have no companions in this desert. I’m thinking of quitting my job next month and coming home forever.

Alhamdulillah, in the space of 10 years, I have built our home and I have paid off all the debts that were owed to us. Now I want to come and live in my homeland. Now I don’t have the courage I used to have, but still, I will do something and drive a taxi to cover my house expenses. My heart is full of this desert. Now I want to live with my children. What is your opinion?

Dear son Jamal,

I got your letter and we are regretting the time when we let you out, you started working for us from your boyhood. You have done a lot for all of us.

Your sister Zainab has now grown up, she is over 20 years old. We have been thinking about her marriage. My son, now we only want Zainab to get married and we can die with satisfaction. Son don’t be angry, we don’t want to put any burden on you.


Dear Abu Jan and Ami Jan,

Today, I have spent 15 years in Saudi Arabia, no one is mine here. I am tired of working like a donkey day and night. When a potter’s donkey works all day, he brings it home at night and its owner puts muscles in front of it and gives it water, but for me No one does that either, I have to eat and drink myself.

I’m just thinking of getting my visa revoked and come back. In the last few years, with God’s help, we have been able to overcome most of life’s trials. Zainab is married and now she is safe in her home. I also often send gifts to keep her in-laws happy.

By the grace of Allah, I have made you perform Hajj and there is no debt left. I am just getting sick, my BP is high and my blood sugar is high, but when I come home, I will live in a calm environment at home and eat at home, I will get better inshallah and if I stay here anyway, my salary will go to medicine.

I will come there and take cheap medicine from a doctor and start working. I can still do some light work like driving a private car.

Dear son Jamal,

Son, we read your letter and cried for a long time. Now don’t stay abroad but your wife Noreen had something to say to you, listen to her too.

(Wife) Dear Jamal

I never forced you to do anything and never insisted on anything but now I have to say something out of compulsion. After the marriage of your brother Jalal, your parents have completely forgotten about us. All their love is for the newlyweds.

I have also heard that they are thinking of giving their ancestral home to Jalal. We don’t have a separate home to live for our family i.e. our basic need. Do you know the price of a cement bag? the wages of the laborers are getting high. We will never be able to make our home here. But I don’t want to bother you. Decide for yourself.


Dear Wife Noreen,

The 19th year is in progress, and the 20th  will be starting soon. By the grace of God, our new separate home is complete. And the house has all the comforts of today. Now my back is straightened out from the burden of all the debts, now I have nothing left but the retirement fund.

At the end of this month, the company will release my retirement fund of 50,000 SAR. After being away from my family for so long, I have forgotten what it is like to live at home. Many loved ones have passed away and many have forgotten me.

But I am satisfied, by the grace of God, that I was able to provide a good life for my family. Now the silver has come down in my hair and I am not feeling well. I have to go to the doctor every week. I will live with my own people after I return.

Dear Jamal,

I’m glad to hear that you are coming back. Even though it has been a long stay in a foreign country, this is good news. I don’t mind your coming but the eldest son is Ahmed, he is insisting that he will take admission in the University of Lahore.

He says that all those whose fathers are out get admission in the University of Lahore. The fee is around SR 40,000  for 4 years.


He sent all the money for his son’s education, sent dowry and other expenses for his daughter’s marriage. After 27 years, he was dragging himself towards the airport.

Diabetes, blood pressure, ulcers, kidney and back pain, and wrinkled black face were his earnings. He suddenly realized that there was something in his pocket. He put his hand in his pocket and saw that it was an open letter.

This was the first letter he had not opened in his entire life in Saudi Arabia.

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