An expat female walking naked on road, arrested in Bahrain

A naked lady in the middle of a highway

On Saturday a strange incident took place in Bahrain. A female expat aged 32 years old out of nowhere came up to the local highway without any clothes on. She was spotted by many and was walking naked on the streets of Tobeli.

We know that it is an era of social media and we do not need to tune into the TV to know about the latest news rather we only need to scroll down the newsfeed. Soon her footage was viral on social media.

Authorities have arrested the girl

Even though people had mixed emotions, the footage went trending. People were shocked at the lady’s act. Yes, we are living in the 21st century and we tend to respect the freedom of rights of everyone, yet such acts tend to be strange.

The people were angry at her as she violated the social norms of the country. She had diverted the attention of many on a local highway. People provoked the authorities to take up action and a few hours later the authorities claimed that they had arrested the lady over her offensive act.

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Bahrain’s Interior Minister went to social media to post the following tweet

The police have arrested the 32 years old foreigner found guilty of walking naked on the streets of Tobeli. The investigations are under process and the police are working upon taking the appropriate legal measures.

This act is simply unacceptable at least in our society

Bahrain’s authorities were quite quick in coming into action as they have been able to arrest the lady within a few hours. People applauded the authorities for their timely action as they regarded the lady’s act as simply “disgusting” and “unacceptable”.

While some appreciated the fact that an action has been taken against her, many were shocked upon it. They simply said that it wasn’t a crime or an offensive measure. Did she hurt someone, or did she commit a crime? It was her right to go out as she wished, and we could not violate her rights.

4767 An expat female arrested for walking naked on the local highway of Bahrain 02

The woman seems to be out of her senses

However, there were also few who thought that people should calm down as it is likely that the women might not be in her senses. There are many people around us who suffer from mental illness and thereby we should respect them.

People pointed at the recent incident in Jordan where a woman was found running on streets, naked. Even though the authorities denied the news initially yet later it was found out that the Asian woman was suffering from mental instability and was referred to a psychiatric hospital.

4767 An expat female arrested for walking naked on the local highway of Bahrain 03

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