An expat arrested for harassing his Filipino Maid – Viral Video

Another viral video, but for the greater good. Yes, against and for the awareness of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse and physical abuse are the most common and unfortunate in addition to shameful act reported against the workers.

Female workers travel far and away from their home to serve us only to earn a little amount of money, but a few of inhuman natured people treat them with such brutal and shameful acts.

A video went viral which was filmed secretly by Beth Lili in which it was clearly seen that the male sponsor of the housemaid was trying to rape the lady and she was trying to save herself by pushing him away and threatening him with a knife.

The video was later posted to Twitter by some social media user and went viral. You can watch the video at the end of this article. After this video, Filipino housemaid Beth Lili uploaded live videos of herself to her Facebook page in distress and being harassed both sexually and physically abused by her employer.

4018 An expat arrested for sexually harassing his Filipino Maid – Viral Video

She was begging for help, requesting to rescue her and allow her to travel back to her country Philippine. She explained in her video that her employer both man and woman mistreat her.

As Hazrat Ali (R.A) said: “A society can function on a kufar system but not without Justice.” This famous quote is said by the fourth caliph of Islam and true to this day and will remain so.

Following his lead, the Saudi Government and the Law Enforcement Agencies including the Police Department and the Court Systems are very keen to look, uptake and provide justice.

4018 An expat arrested for sexually harassing his Filipino Maid – Viral Video 02

He has been arrested: We all know justice delayed is justice denied, and merely the only country in the world where we see justice being given so quickly is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Within a few hours of the video being aired, the police sprang into action tracing her down and rescued her from the place she worked. A very good job done by Riyadh Police.

According to the sources, it was said that the Saudi authorities were finally able to arrest the man who sexually abused his domestic worker. The Filipino maid is now back to her country.

He is an Egyptian in his 30s: It was reported that the man was arrested from Riyadh, is an Egyptian in his thirties. During the investigation, he confessed his crime and now he is transferred to the prosecution.

Moreover, the good news for everyone is that the domestic worker was rescued and transferred back to her home country.

Source: Okaz

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