An Archeological mine is hidden between Balghazi Mountains in Jazan

The beauty of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia has a deep and vast history which goes back to a long time. The past generations of Saudis lived in these areas despite the difficulties they had to face regarding weather conditions and climate fluctuations.

These places have significant importance due to the fact that those people built these places even when living here was so difficult and the rest of the world did not have any interest in moving towards these places.

Thursday Market in The Balghazi Mountains catches our interest as they overlook the ‘Thursday market’ located in the center of Balghazi in Jazan. The market was the largest in Southern Saudi Arabia. It was adjacent to a number of valleys such as Wadi Gore and Wadi al-Qat.

The market was popular as it attracted the residents from all the valleys to buy and sell their goods. The Balghazi Mountains are the evidence of generations living in Saudi Arabia decades ago. Their remains are archaeological sites and a researcher on site, Abdullah al-Faris has called upon the governorate to protect these sites.

Open Museum: Abdullah believes that while protecting this site is important, we can make this area an open museum so that people could discover and visit the national heritage. People would also become aware of the importance of such places once they visit them.

The place is a natural and beautiful archaeological site and it can be made open to the public as a museum by first studying and analyzing the geographical condition. We need to know how long it has been there so that we could place a value on the place.

Also, we need to rehabilitate the surroundings so that people could access this area. The significance of Balghazi Mountains does not only lie in the fact that they were inhabited for a long time but also because of the natural beauty and archaeological sites that it inherits.

Castle: The mountains tell us about human creativity through the brilliantly designed castles which reflect art, beauty, excellence, and originality. All of these aspects reflect our culture and extend towards social, tourism and strategic dimensions.

Villages: Apart from the castles, archaeological villages can also be located in the mountains, which define the unique architectural design with works of stone and wood. Places like the Balghazi Mountains must be protected and the people of this generation must be aware of the significance of these places.

Source: Al Arabiya

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